Confucius Institute Programs - Classroom

Guide to Confucius Institutes for Setting up Confucius Classrooms

Article 1. Authorized by the Headquarters and based on the principles of geographic proximity and easy management, Confucius Institutes may set up Confucius Classrooms in local elementary and secondary schools and take charge of their daily operation.

Article 2. The elementary and secondary schools overseas that host Confucius Classrooms shall be government accredited education entities.

Article 3. Confucius Institutes shall sign cooperation agreements with Confucius Classroom host schools. The agreements shall refer to the Template Agreement on Confucius Institutes Setting up Confucius Classrooms. A copy of each signed agreement shall be provided to the Headquarters for record.

Article 4. Confucius Classrooms shall be run and managed as special projects of Confucius Institutes. Authorized by the Headquarters, the Confucius Institute is responsible for developing annual work plans, budgets and final accountings for all Confucius Classrooms it sets up, and reports to the Headquarters for approval.  Based on demands from Confucius Classrooms, the Confucius Institute applies to the Headquarters for Chinese teachers, volunteers and teaching materials.  The Confucius Institute supervises dispatched Chinese staff and provides guidelines to the teaching programs of Confucius Classrooms.

Application Procedures for a Confucius Institute to Set up Confucius Classrooms

1. The Confucius Institute screens elementary and secondary schools that apply to set up Confucius Classrooms to evaluate whether they meet the following requirements:

  • Being a government accredited education entity
  • In general, being located in the same region where the Confucius Institute is
  • Having started a Chinese program or is preparing for one
  • Being able to provide necessary teaching facilities, personnel, and funding support required for a Confucius Classroom

2. The Confucius Institute reports to the Headquarters on Confucius Classrooms as special projects and provide application materials including list of host schools, school information, proposal on work plan and budget, etc.

3. After the Headquarters approves the applications, the Confucius Institute signs cooperation agreement with each Confucius Classroom host school to specify responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties. A copy of each signed agreement shall be provided to the Headquarters for record.

4. The Confucius Institute works together with the Confucius Classroom host schools to develop work plans, budgets, and final accountings, applies to the Headquarters for staff, teaching materials and other support, supervises and assists the host school to launch the Confucius Classroom in a timely manner.