Confucius Institute News 2021

Confucius Institute at Alfred University had lots of news in 2021.

East Meets West Nov 2021

The tenth monthly “East Meets West” virtual concert and forum was successfully hosted Nov. 16.

Ye is a producer, composer, and founder of one of China’s most prestigious recording labels, Rhymoi Music. He has won more than 180 awards. He is the first Full Voting Member of Grammy representing the Chinese music industry. Cheek has been engaged for more than 25 years in every aspect of the music industry. He has served as marketing director for Naxos of America and has more than 70 published credits in all categories of music production. Ye and Creek discussed the exchange and integration of music between the East and the West from their perspective in the music industry, along with the fusion of Eastern and Western music cultures in the recording industry. They introduced and showed some of their works, including videos from Ye’s Musical Map of China project.

CIAU teachers attend workshop at UB

CIAU teachers attended the Workshop hosted by Confucius Institute at University at Buffalo

CIAU teachers attended the Workshop hosted by Confucius Institute at University at Buffalo on Saturday, Nov. 13th. The teachers find the workshop about Language Assessment and Proficiency very helpful for their teaching practices.

Daisy Wu Lecture on Chinese Buddhist music

Daisy WU gave a lecture on Chinese Buddhist music

On Nov. 8th Daisy WU gave a lecture on Chinese Buddhist music for Dr. Megan Jone’s Buddhist Arts of Asia class. She talked about the Buddhism and Buddhist music in China and demonstrated some Buddhist music on her instrument Guzheng.

CIAU 5th International Conference

CIAU held the 5th International Conference on Chinese Immersion Programs successfully

The 5th International Conference on Chinese Immersion Programs was successfully hosted virtually by CIAU on Nov 5-6, providing a platform for research scholars, leading administrators, and classroom practitioners from all over the world to share knowledge and expertise. Nearly 220 participants from more than 20 countries discussed recent trends, best practices, and practical challenges on all aspects of dual/bilingual language education.

CIAU SOAD Remote Connections Exhibition.jpg

CIAU collaborated with SOAD for the Remote Connections exhibition

On Nov, 3rd, Professor, Katie Wang, CIAU visiting Chinese language, helped for the Remote Connections Exhibition lecture by interpreting the whole event. CIAU helped SOAD for the CAFA speakers, by having CUG sponsor.

Melodies East Concert

Melodies of the East Concert

On Oct. 30th, Daisy led AU Guzheng Ensemble to give a Concert Melodies of the East for the opening. In Students from AU Guzheng Ensemble class, Ty Heyden, Ajamo Charles, Eva Mo, Mengya Li, and played in the concert.

CIAU Halloween Event

CIAU collaborated with AU Student Senate with Halloween event

Prof. Katie Wang and Prof. Huiyang Li showed and taught participants how to write “万圣节” (Halloween)in Chinese calligraphy with various handwritings on October 30th.

Ninth Virtual Concert

The ninth monthly “East Meets West” virtual concert and forum

The ninth monthly “East Meets West” virtual concert and forum was successfully hosted on October 26th. The guest musicians were Dr. Mingmei Yip, ethnomusicologist, qin (traditional Chinese instrument) artist, writer, calligrapher, and painter, and Dr. Megan Eagen-Jones, musicologist, award-winning professor, and pianist with a broad range of interests including composition, architecture, humanities, physics, and German. Dr. Mingmei Yip and Dr. Megan Eagen-Jones talked about Literati Music in East and West. And they performed qin and piano pieces to demonstrate these approaches.

Visit Tours CIAU

Visit tours to CIAU partner school districts

On September 20th, CIAU group paid a visit to Geneva School District, and Northstar Christian Academy in Rochester. On September 21st, they St Joseph Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, and Lewiston-Porter School District. They met and talked with Aracelis, the Director of Dual Language & Equity, principals, and Superintendent Dr. Garcia about the collaboration of the Chinese language program. Dr. Garcia gave the guests a school tour and visited the Chinese classrooms. The students enjoyed the Mandarin classes, and four Chinese teachers were all doing well. CIAU group visited North Street School and met the principal Mr. Kevin Fairben. He praised the Chinese program as an important part for the cultural diversity in the school district. CIAU sent mooncakes and the seasonal greetings to the hosts.

At noon, CIAU group visited Geneva Middle School (GMS) and talked with the principal Mr. John DeFazio. He thumbed up for the Chinese program, because it brought his students the opportunity to explore a new language and culture to broaden their horizon.

In the afternoon, CIAU group visited Northstar Christian Academy and talked with the principal Mr. Grape.

On Tuesday, Sept 21st. they visited St Joseph Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, and met the principal Mr. Spillman. Mr. Spillman welcomed the CIAU group for coming up to visit his school and gave them a school tour. He said that they would do anything ever to strengthen the cooperative relationship going forward. He looked forward to a long–term partnership with Alfred University.

Moon Festival AU

Moon Festival Celebration in AU and school districts

On AU campus, CIAU hosted the Annual Mid–Autumn Festival Celebration on Monday, Sept. 20, from 6–8 p.m. in front of the Confucius House. More than 100 AU students, faculty, and community members attended the celebration. They were joyful with the traditional mooncakes, and exploring Tai Chi, dragon dance, shuttle cocks, calligraphy, and Guzheng music.

In Northstar Christian Academy, Rochester, language students in Xiaochao Tao's class celebrated the Chinese with Moon Festival, writing Chinese calligraphy.

Geneva Middle School language students in Avril Zhang's class celebrated the Chinese Moon Festival with crafts, including writing Chinese characters, mooncakes, and more.

Eighth Monthly EMW

The eighth monthly "East Meets West" virtual concert and forum

The eighth monthly "East Meets West" virtual concert and forum was successfully hosted on Sept. 16. Yazhi Guo, widely considered "the best suona player in the world", and David Fiuczynski, professor at Berklee College of Music, known as a "mad musical scientist" on guitar showed audience of more than 80 unique instruments, their Jazz band, and their musical pieces. Their double–necked guitar and suona amazed the concert goers.

AU Guzheng Ensembles

AU Guzheng Ensemble played for the International Guzheng Music Festival

Invited by the China Conservatory of Music, AU Guzheng Ensemble recoded a traditional Chinese Guzheng piece to join the festival concert virtually.

All Teahers Meeting AU

All teachers meeting

On September 12,CIAU had an all teachers meeting, welcoming the new teachers to join CIAU. The old and new teachers got to know each other and exchanged teaching experience. Daisy Wu encouraged and wished all the teachers to have a wonderful teaching experience in the coming semester. Professor Luwei Fan and Shimeng Zheng from CUG, CIAU's partner institution, attended the meeting.

Block Part AU

The Block Party on AU campus

CIAU attended campus Block Party on September 11 organized by the AU Student Senate. We displayed Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Character bookmarks, Chinese knots, and shuttle cocks for the AU students to experience. They were interested in exploring the different culture, and had fun at the same time. The Confucius Institute is always seeking to enrich the cultural diversity for both the campus and community.

Kickoff New Semester

Kick–off of the new semester

Chinese language and music courses in AU campus

MUSC 133 01 Music of the Guzheng

MUSC 279 02 Chamber music – Guzheng Ensemble

Independent Study – Guzheng

CHIN 102 Chinese 2

CHIN 202 Chinese 4

Independent Study – Chinese Idioms and traditional Culture

Chinese Corner Friday

Chinese corner every Friday afternoon

CIAU's partner K–12 School Districts, Geneva City School District, Northstar Christian Academy, Lewiston–Porter School District and St Joseph Collegiate Institute, have all started with their Chinese programs from the beginning of the fall semester.

East Meets West series (5th-7th)

The 5th East Meets West virtual concert and forum on June 25. A conversation with Pulitzer Prize winners and composer couple Dr. Chen Yi and Dr. Zhou Long.

The 6th “East Meets West” monthly virtual concert and forum on Wednesday, July 28, featuring violist Ling Yu; and conductor and violinist Xun Sun.

The 7th monthly “East Meets West” virtual concert and forum on Tuesday, Aug. 24. featuring celebrated conductors Steven Fei Fang and David Wroe.

5th EMW Series 6th EMW Series 7th EMW Series

CIAU Pre-Job Training Workshop

CIAU pre-job training workshop

On August 8, CIAU organized the pre-job training workshop via zoom platform. A total of 11 Chinese teachers attended the training. Daisy Wu, director of CIAU, talked about CIAU’s missions and gave some tips to the new teachers. Six current and former teachers shared their working experience with the coming teachers about Mandarin teaching, teaching strategies, classroom management, and etc.

CIAU Farewell Party

CIAU 2020-2021 school year end meeting and farewell party

On July 10, CIAU teachers gathered at Seneca State Park in Geneva for 2020-2021 school year end meeting and farewell a farewell party for those who were finishing their terms and leaving for home this summer. They are 6 teachers Qian Liu, Na Wang, Wenfang Gao, Dandan Yang, Jing Kang, Ping Wang. CIAU director Prof. Daisy Wu spoke highly of the contributions they made to CIAU, awarded them “The Best Employees” certificates, and gave them parting gifts. Former director Dr. Wilfred Huang attended.

New teachers' recruitment

From May, CIAU began to recruit new visiting professor and teachers of Chinese language. CIAU worked together with CUG, CHF and partner school districts for the hiring process. We reviewed more than 70 applicants, 20 interviews and 10 were recommended to the school districts for further interview by the school principals. Six of them got the job offers. Five of them already got their visa, and arrived. One is applying the visa.

Cooperation with CI UB

Cooperation with CI of University at Buffalo

On June 22, CIAU Daisy Wu, Tao Peng and Katie Wang visited University at Buffalo and met with its CI directors. They talked about their cooperation. CIAU began to take over the Chinese programs in the two school districts in Buffalo, Lewiston-Porter School District and St Joseph Collegiate Institute from 2021-2022 school year.

EMW virtual Concert may 15

"East Meets West" Virtual Concert and Forum The fourth, featuring Min Xiao–Fen, and Rez Abbasi.

What grows when deep Eastern roots encounter modern American soil?
What happens when the pipa and the guitar collide in jazz?

Find out the answers to these and other questions of your own at the Alfred University Confucius Institute's fourth monthly "East Meets West" Virtual Concert and Forum featuring Min Xiao–Fen, singer, composer, and "pipa player like no other", and Rez Abbasi, guitarist and 2021 Guggenheim Fellow.

May 15 at 8pm EST.

Celebrate Tai Chi day

Celebrate the World Tai Chi Day

The Confucius Institute at Alfred University (CIAU) and our local group, the Tai Chi Society of Western NY will be organizing an outdoor Tai Chi practice to celebrate the World Tai Chi Day on Saturday, April 24th at 10 am along the river at the Riverwalk Plaza, Wellsville, NY.

This is a group practice event for about an hour. It is not necessary to know Tai Chi, just join us and follow along in slow, flowing movements, or just watch, entering into the spirit. Free t–shirts while supply lasts. Face masks are required and CDC Covid–19 guidelines will be followed.

The last Saturday of April is World Tai Chi Day, setting up to promote awareness of the benefits of Tai Chi. At 10 am local time worldwide, people around the world have free, public presentations. The mission of the World Tai Chi (WTC) Day organization is "Educating the planet on how to boost the world's immune system, with scientifically proven natural health practices". The practice of these healthy movements unfold around the planet starting with the earliest in New Zealand, and ending in Hawaii. Many have officially proclaimed or recognized WTC Day, including our New York Senate.

Since 2010, CIAU has provided free Tai Chi classes to AU faculty, staff, students, and community members. More than 100 people have participated in Tai Chi practicing and have gained many health benefits from it.

Press Release

EMW April 24 2021 Third

East Meets West: Dialogue Between Chinese and Western Music The Third Virtual Concert & Forum, April 24, 2021

"Delightful!" "Inspiring!" "Engaging for musicians and non-musicians alike!"

If the feedback from the first two monthly East Meets West Virtual Concert & Forum events hosted by the Confucius Institute at Alfred University (CIAU) is any indication, the audience at the third concert, Saturday, April 24 at 8 p.m., is in for a treat. Our guests will be internationally–acclaimed master performer of the Chinese zheng, Mei Han, and multi–instrumentalist, composer, and improviser, Randy Raine–Reusch. COVID concerns may hamper the usual Hot Dog Day festivities, but everyone can still join in on Zoom for some unusual music and lively discussion hosted by Daisy Wu, faculty member of AU Performing Arts Division and CIAU Director.

Dr. Mei Han grew up in a military family during tumultuous times in China. She studied under some of the top zheng instructors in the country and was chosen to be a featured soloist with the Zhan You Ensemble in Beijing, the leading ensemble of its kind, at the age of 19. Later she became an ethnomusicologist, earning a PhD in British Colombia, exploring music from around the world, and developing "radical new repertoires" for her instrument. Today she is Director of the Center for Chinese Music and Culture at Middle Tennessee State University and a member of Red Chamber, a Chinese plucked–string band, and of the Mei Han Art Ensemble.

Mr. Randy Raine–Reusch survived an abusive childhood in Canada to become "a globe-trotting visionary" and "the Noah of musical instruments." He has collected over a thousand musical instruments of every type from around the world, many rare and endangered, and he can play them all. Considered an innovator who extends the boundaries of music, he specializes in new and experimental music and serves as a mentor for emerging artists. He is a founder of the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak, Malaysia, and has served worldwide as a college lecturer and consultant for numerous museums and support organizations.

More information about the artists may be found at New Music for Zheng and New Directions for World Music.

This series is organized by CIAU and co–sponsored by the Performing Arts Division of Alfred University, and the Music Department of China University of Geosciences (CUG) in Wuhan, the Almond 20th Century Club Library, the Cuba Circulating Library, the Hornell Public Library, the David A. Howe Library in Wellsville, and the Wimodaughsian Library of Canisteo, If you have questions or your organization would like to assist in promoting this series, please contact Daisy Wu or CIAU Assistant Director Susan Steere 607-382-4140 for further details.

EMW Dialogue 2021 April 24

SECOND VIRTUAL CONCERT CIAU offers "East Meets West" zoom concert Wed., March 17

The Confucius Institute at Alfred University (CIAU) kicked off its monthly Zoom concert/forum series featuring Chinese and Western musicians continues.

For the second concert, Wednesday, March 17 at 8 p.m., the guest musicians are world–renowned flutists Chen Tao and Patricia Spencer, both professors at Bard College in Annandale–on–Hudson. Chen Tao has been called "poet in music" and "king of the flute" who "performed with his soul." He is also a composer, chairman of the NY Chinese Music Instruments International Competition, and artistic director and conductor of Melody of Dragon, Inc. and several other ensembles.

Patricia Spencer, acclaimed soloist and member of the DaCapo Chamber Players, has performed numerous "sensational" premiers of pieces written for her by many composers. She teaches at Hofstra University.

EMW Dialogue

East Meets West: Dialogue Between Chinese and Western Music

To better serve Alfred University and the surrounding communities with a variety of cultural exchange programs, CIAU is starting this new monthly Zoom concert/forum series featuring Chinese and Western musicians together. Each program will feature an hour of music performance and discussion between the guest musicians, hosted by Daisy Wu (Chinese guzheng artist and CIAU Director) and then half an hour for audience questions and comments.

For the first concert, Thursday, February 18 at 7 p.m., the guest musicians is an internationally–famous musical couple, Gao Hong and her husband, Paul Dice. Gao has delighted audiences with her pear–shaped pipa, or "Chinese lute", since she was 12 years old. She is the Gold Medal Winner of the 2020 Global Music Awards, Grammy Voting Member and Director of the Chinese Music Ensemble of Carleton College in Northfield, MN. Paul is an award–winning composer of music inspired by nature for instruments from many nations and President of International Friendship Through the Performing Arts.

This event is organized by CIAU and co–sponsored by the Almond 20th Century Club Library, the Cuba Circulating Library, the Hornell Public Library, the David A. Howe Library in Wellsville, and the Wimodaughsian Library of Canisteo.

Lunar New Year 2021

Happy Spring Festival!
Community Table Chinese Cuisine Pop-up take out

This Friday, February 12th, is the Lunar New Year, also called Spring Festival. It is the most important traditional festival in many Asian countries. The Confucius Institute at AU and AU Fresh will be collaborating to celebrate it by Community Table Chinese Cuisine Pop–up take out.

The Confucius Institute is underwriting the meals, so you can get 1 meal per person at $5.00 which is worth $15.00. Please order your meal on the GET app and pick up your meal from 4:30pm–7pm at Community Table (inside Powell Hall, next to AU bookstore).

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