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North Syracuse Central School District
Chinese teachers from CIAU, Yao (Lucy) Zhang and Daqian (Eric) Yang, developed and prepared some amusing activities for the 6th grade students of Roxboro Road Middle School and Gillette Road Middle School before winter recess. In Yao's classes, she brought plain Peking opera masks for the kids to color and design by themselves. The students gained a great deal of knowledge on classic Chinese opera and enjoyed their unique works. Meanwhile, Daqian held a competition between his students, using a variety of forms, to test the Chinese knowledge which the kids had learned in the past semester. All their classes ended with laughter and joyfulness.

geneva schoolGeneva City School District
In November and December, CIAU member Hui Liu in Geneva West Street School taught students the sentence structures, “I like…,” and “I do not like…,”followed by the names of some fruits, all in Chinese. The students did some paperwork and gave presentations on the sentences they learned. At Halloween time, students learned Halloween words by playing a word search game, and later they learned the Chinese version of a “Merry Christmas” song.
In November, the Immersion Chinese class in West Street Elementary School was introduced to months and festivals, especially the words of Thanksgiving. The students also learned to compare height and size and tried to practice using chopsticks. Since the New Year’s concert is coming, the Immersion Chinese class rehearsed the song, “Two Tigers,” which the students enjoyed very much.

chinese immersion classYanfang Song began to teach the Chinese Immersion class at Geneva West Street School in December. She taught students to sing two Chinese songs, “Looking for Friends” and “Two Tigers,” and taught students to read and write Chinese numbers from one to ten. At the school’s Christmas Sing-Along, the children viewed a short video.





jeff yin geneva north stIn November, Jeff Yin in Geneva North Street School and his students reviewed dozens of Chinese characters, mainly covering such topics as fruits, furniture, and bingo. Jeff Yin introduced the story of Uproar in Heaven and Monkey King by watching a movie and an opera production, and by making paper artwork of the monkey king. In December, Jeff Yin and his students talked about several topics including endangered animals in China and America, the relationship between people and the environment in China and America, and traditional Chinese medicine. Before Christmas, they learned the Chinese version of the song, “Merry Christmas”.




rose hu handcraft pandaRose Hu taught her third graders to make a handcraft of “Panda in the Fall”, through which students learned and reviewed several color words in Chinese. After that, Rose introduced students to the capital city of China - Beijing. Students enjoyed the MTV program, Welcome to Beijing, and learned quite a few important cultural facts. At the last class of this year, Rose made a little book, A Story about Panda Bear, which contains all the language points covered this semester. Students learned the story and reached a happy ending of the story, as well as of the Chinese class.



Romulus Central School District
At the beginning of November, Michelle introduced vocabulary about body parts through a song to be sung in upcoming presentations. Then on November 13, students in Romulus were treated to presentations of Tai-Chi and Guzheng by Guifang Liu and Daisy Wu, which brought great passion to the Chinese learners. The young Chinese learners also learned words about Thanksgiving; they had a lot of fun in the “Championship of Thanksgiving Food”.
December is a month of joy.  Michelle and her young friends made Christmas cards, wrote Chinese letters to Santa Claus, and sang the Chinese version of “Merry Christmas.” They firmly believe that Santa can understand their Chinese letters and will send them super presents!

northstar christian academyNorthstar Christian Academy
In November and December, Jing Wu, Northstar Christian Academy Chinese Culture and language teacher, continued her first semester’s teaching and tried different methods to enrich her class.
For Elementary students, she focused on teaching language and culture through play. She mainly presented Chinese New Year traditions, Design Lantern making, and New Year card making. She used games to teach students words and characters and multimedia presentations to introduce Chinese geography, scenery, and cities. The students found the Chinese Culture to be attractive and said: “I will go to China when I grow up.” Mrs. Wu also used music as an important teaching tool to help the students learn Chinese words and culture. The students were very excited to learn Chinese songs, and for the first time in the Christian school’s history, they chose a Chinese song for the school’s Christmas concert.  All the parents highly praised the students’ performance; they said, “It’s so amazing - the kids can sing in Chinese!”
Students in the two high school Chinese classes have conquered all the difficulties for native English speakers starting to learn another, totally different, whole new language. After this learning period, they can make simple conversations in Chinese, read simple short passages, and make brief self-introductions. Some of them have made up their mind to take the AP Chinese Test. And this year, Northstar is preparing its AP Chinese course application.
Many sister schools came to visit us: Chili High School, Webster Christian High School, Charles Finney school, etc. They all highly praised Northstar’s Chinese program.
Mrs. Wu is always busy with teaching 24 hours a week and with the AP class application, but she is still happy with this work and tries her very best to make sure the teaching goes better and better.  And with the strong and powerful support of the Alfred Confucius Institute, the Chinese teaching program in the Rochester area will definitely continue to improve.

BinghamtonBinghamton City School District  
This school year, every 6th grader in West Middle School and East Middle School in the Binghamton City School District will have a 10-week Chinese program to promote their interest in Chinese culture and language. In November, Simba Jing and Catherine Zhai returned to West Middle School and welcomed 67 beginners to the program.
During these two months, Simba Jing and Catherine Zhai completed the language teaching plan set forth in the curriculum of the Binghamton City School District. Students learned greetings, self-introduction, numbers, family members, Qin dynasty terracotta warriors, and had a wonderful experience with paper- cutting. During the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas, many cultural activities were set up to help the students’ understanding of Chinese culture.    
On December 19, CIAU’s Guzheng teacher, Daisy Wu, and Tai-Chi master, Guifang Liu, visited West Middle School. The 6th grade students actively participated in the practice after the demonstration. Many students said it was an amazing experience for them.

party fang liuParty for Tai Chi Master Fang Liu
On December 17th, just 13 days before Christmas, the last Tai Chi class from Master Fang Liu was done, and Liz Cronin, a wonderful Tai Chi learner in the class, held a farewell party for Master Liu with the whole group. Angela Rossington sent a gift, which was a painting by artist Amanda Oglesbee with all the Tai Chi group’s signatures on it. All the members expressed appreciation to Master Liu and CIAU, hoping Master Liu can come back again. Staff from CIAU, Daisy Wu, Olivia Wang, Starry He, and Penny Peng joined the party.




confucius institute conferenceThe 9th Annual Confucius Institute Conference
On December 7th and 8th, the 9th Annual Confucius Institute Conference was successfully held at Jiannan Hall of Xiamen University, Xiamen City, Fujian Province in China. The two days of lively discussions during the conference helped the delegates reach broad consensus on the development objectives of the Confucius Institute in the coming decade and built confidence in the future. More than 2,000 people attended this year’s conference. Alfred University Provost Rick Stephens, CIAU director Wilfred Huang, and Chinese director Tao Peng attended the meeting.
Provost Stephens gave a speech on the topic, “Criteria for Confucius Institute Directors and Full-time Chinese Teachers”, in the Presidents’ Forum. He talked about the development of the Confucius Institute from four aspects which struck a strong chord among the attendees.
At this year’s conference, CIAU director Wilfred Huang won the 2014 Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award of the Year, given to only a few directors of the 475 Confucius Institutes worldwide. The award was presented by Madam Yandong Liu, Vice Premier of P. R. China and Chair of the Council of the Confucius Institute Headquarters. “It’s not an honor of me alone, but a result of positive results of CIAU members’ efforts,” Dr. Huang said.

hsk testHSK Test
On December 6th, the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level 1 and Level 3 were successfully administered in AU’s Perlman Hall by CIAU faculty Huiyang Li, Olivia Wang, and Penny Peng. Fourteen students attended the exams.





visit from consulateVisit from Consulate
Quansheng Chang, Shurong Geng, and Jie Ding, who are consuls from the Education Office of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, visited CIAU on December 6th.
Cultural Activities Coordinator Daisy Wu, together with Teaching Resource Coordinator Huiyang Li, introduced the development and prospects of CIAU to them, especially the achievement in Mandarin Chinese teaching and cultural communication. Faculty members also talked about their life and work here. The significant influence made by CIAU and the hard work of CIAU faculty members were highly recognized by the consuls. Consul Quansheng Chang expressed his desire to maintain contact with all the teachers and wished all the teachers an impressive time in the U.S.

teaching guidance meetingCIAU Teachers Attend Teaching Guidance Meeting
On November 24th, the teaching guidance meeting offered by the CIAU was held at AU’s Olin building. CIAU faculty Wilfred Huang, Tao Peng, Huiyang Li (Lee), Daisy Wu, Jessica Liu, Yanjie Yin, Elyn Song, Rose Hu, and Olivia Wang, along with new members Jing Wu, Simba Jing, Catherine Zhai, Lin Hao, Lucy Zhang, and Eric Yang, attended this meeting. With the goal of improving the teamwork of our CIAU members and enhancing Chinese language teaching in the U.S., this meeting covered Teambuilding for Everyone, American Culture - Likes and Dislikes, Classroom Management and Discipline, and Teaching Pedagogy. The entire faculty took an active part in each session and enjoyed the discussions and sharing of experiences.



health fair and educational workshopsHealth Fair and Educational Workshops
November 20 was National Rural Health Day. Alfred University hosted a Health and Wellness Fair and Educational Workshops at the Health and Wellness Center, and our Tai Chi group attended this health promotion activity.
Huiyang Li, together with the whole Tai Chi group, demonstrated Five Animal Frolics, 24 Forms and Swimming Dragon. Also, led by Linna Zhang, they also performed Tai Chi Kongfu Fan, showing people this traditional Chinese way of exercise. Many people showed their interest and willingness to try it.



chinese painting canisteo libraryChinese painting class at Canisteo Library
The Chinese painting class goes on smoothly at the Wimodaughsian Free Library in Canisteo. Chinese painting instructor Lillian Xu taught the students two different ways of coloring: covered dying with one brush and separated dying with two brushes. After repeated practice, they gradually understood how this process of painting gongbi goes and got better and better effects.
It’s not easy to paint hundreds of petals in one picture delicately, which requires much patience and tranquility of heart; and it’s not easy to get the effects in mind while painting on paper. Lillian teaches in a very plain way, makes every step clear, and encourages the students not to worry, so that everyone can keep pace with the others and complete their own beautiful Chinese paintings.


local newspaper“Lessons in Chinese” Reported in Local Newspaper
The CIAU Art Troupe consisting of Tao Peng, Zhongbei Wu, Guifang Liu and Fang He went to Romulus Elementary School on Nov. 13th for a cultural activity about Chinese martial arts and Chinese music. They demonstrated Guzheng pieces and Tai Chi moves to the students. They also did some interactive activities with the students, such as Guzheng playing and qigong The Five Animal Exercises.
On Nov. 27th, the Finger Lakes Times, a local newspaper in Geneva, reported this news and spoke highly of CIAU, CIAU teachers and also the Chinese classes of CIAU. All the Chinese classes and cultural activities in this area were welcomed with open arms, and were a total success in intercultural communication.


painting and calligraphyLecture on Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
On November 12, 2014, Professor Shan Ding gave a lecture on “Expression Characteristics of Inner Transcendence of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy” at the Wellsville Public Library. He explained what methods that Chinese painting and calligraphy use to pursue natural charm and thereby obtain the human immanent transcendence. Simple language and vivid demonstration make Chinese painting and calligraphy a window for our friends to know more about Chinese culture.
Professor Ding demonstrated how Chinese painting and calligraphy are objectified or personified as things or human beings from the lines of characters, the shape of characters and the whole passage of the art work. In Chinese culture, transcendence means that we can accomplish spiritual transcendence without the redemption of god or salvation by external forces. Through communication between our heart and nature, human beings can obtain the spiritual merits which resonate with nature by understanding and cultivating our inner selves.
This lecture not only helped people know how to write calligraphy or how to paint traditional Chinese painting, but also how to appreciate their beauty and their culture.

art troupeA Series of Activities about Chinese Culture by CIAU Art Troupe
In November and December, CIAU teachers and faculty members Tao Peng, Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu, Guifang Liu, and Fang He went to four Districts of CIAU (Nov. 6th & Dec. 19th to Binghamton, Nov. 13th to Romulus, Nov. 14th to Rochester, and Nov. 20th & 21st to North Syracuse) to give some cultural demonstrations of Chinese music and martial arts. Altogether they gave 21 performances with more than 2500 students from kindergarten through high school. They visited Binghamton East Middle School, Binghamton West Junior High School, Romulus Central School, Rochester North Star Christian School, Syracuse Gillette Road and Roxboro Road Middle Schools, and Rochester McQuaid Jesuit School.
All the activities were successful and were deeply appreciated by students and teachers in the four Districts.  Students took an active part in all the interactive activities with our teachers. They received not only knowledge about Chinese culture, but also happiness from cultural communication.
Daisy taught students some basic knowledge about the Guzheng, as well as techniques for playing it, through her lively presentation and vivid demonstration. Students in her class were divided into groups to have the experience of playing the Guzheng. She also had some interesting class activities with a combination of music teaching and Chinese language learning. In the North Syracuse District, she played special Guzheng & flute duets, Evening Songs on the Fishing Boat, with Daqian Yang.

master liu and fangMaster Liu and Fang He introduced Chinese Kungfu and Tai Chi to students by Q & A. They also demonstrated Tai Chi 24 Forms, Tai Chi 56 Forms, Wudang Taiyi Swimming Dragon Form, and Tai Chi Kungfu Fan to the students. The students learned the Chinese martial artist’s way to greet people, and they also had an interactive learning of Five-Step Boxing and Qigong, the Five Animals Exercises. All the students had fun imitating animals, and some American teachers also joined in doing the exercise.




chinese culture welcomedThe CIAU series of activities about Chinese culture were also welcomed by students’ parents and the principals in the school districts. They expressed their gratitude to CIAU for giving the students such wonderful experiences of Chinese culture. They hoped that Chinese cultural activities could be widely promoted in their Districts, and they wished to have deeper cooperation with CIAU in the future.





North Syracuse Central School DistrictNorth Syracuse Central School District
In September and October, CIAU faculty Lucy (Yao) Zhang and Eric (Daqian) Yang start presenting Chinese cultures to 6th grade students of Roxboro Road Middle School and Gillettee Road Middle School in October. Students learnt about the geographic location, the landform, the big cities of China, and the great wall through a general introduction of China and Chinese history. Students showed great interest in the length and construction of The Great Wall, the lovely panda, and the Chinese Zodiacs.




Geneva City School DistrictGeneva City School District
In September, CIAU faculty Hui Liu encouraged the 1st and 2nd grade students at West Street School continue to practice and improve their Chinese language skills. They learned a popular Chinese nursery rhyme—“the number song”, and reviewed the numbers in Chinese and learned plenty new words by singing this song.
For Kindergarteners, the new Chinese language learners, Hui Liu taught them “你好” “早上好” —— the Chinese way to say “Hello” “Good morning”, and did a presentation of China and Chinese language. The students shared many things they have already known about China, such as panda, Chinese food, and learned many new things about China, such as the location of China and the population of China.


Hui LiuIn October, Hui Liu chose some topics to match the other curriculum in each grade. The Kindergarten students had the topic of “family” and knew how to name their family members in Chinese; they also can count numbers from 1 to 10 in Chinese. The “community” is the topic for 1st and 2nd grades, they learned how to say “urban” “suburban” “rural” in Chinese by using a game , and knew what these places look like in China by viewing a short video.
From this September, Geneva West Street School started Chinese immersion program for kindergarteners. Chinese class account for 50% of the whole class. Lin Hao decorated the immersion classroom and gave a Chinese name for every kids with the help of Hui Liu, the immersion courses already covered greetings, name, numbers, family ,fruits, color ,stationary ,body parts, class routine etc. Considering the young ages of the students, Lin Hao developed a lively way of teaching which combines language learning with interactive activities, such as coloring , singing, dancing , playing games and so on . The young learners show great interest in Chinese language and culture. Lin Hao also introduced the content and approach of Chinese immersion course to the parents in the open house and provided an written assessment for each student according to their ability of listening, speaking and vocabulary in these three months when she had parent interview individually.

Rose Hu classFrom September to October, CIAU faculty Rose Hu introduced the Third graders how to ask age in Chinese, count number from one to ten as well as body parts and seven color words in Chinese. Students also accomplished handcrafts work of “Panda in the fall”. Jeff Yin taught 4-5th graders Chinese mainly with the topics of math and Halloween words. Students learned how to count numbers from 1 to 100 in Chinese. Based on this, they learned how to express the date and days of the week in Chinese. Starting from a few weeks before Halloween, students learned culture about Journey to the West and the figure of monkey king. Jeff Yin and the students read the story, watched the cartoon movie Uproar in the Heaven and made an artwork of monkey king.



Northstar Christian AcademyNorthstar Christian Academy
From this September, Jing Wu started its Chinese Culture and Language class in Northstar Christian Academy. Students from Kindergarten to Six grades get 2 periods each week. While, the high school students can choose any 1 of the 2 periods each day.
Up to now, the elementary kids have learned greetings in Chinese, counting numbers, reciting Tang poem, expressing colors, seasons and month of the year, and they have learned some Chinese cultures and try some designs: paper cut, Lianpu (facial make up for Peking opera),  Qinghua (white and blue porcelain) and calligraphy etc.
After 2 months learning, the high school can read simple short reading passages and make a brief self-introduction in Chinese.





Binghamton Distance LearningBinghamton City School District
In September and October, CIAU faculty Zhaoyun Zhai and Yunchuan Jing gave the kids of Binghamton East Middle school Chinese course.
They focused on pertinent course design, interesting classroom activities. They adopted flexible and varied teaching methods to make class activities lively and funny such as game, situational method, competition, role playing, sing number song and birthday song and so on which turned out to be a good way on improving the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Meanwhile, Zhaoyun Zhai and Yunchuan Jing also presented students with cultural immersion experiences of making Chinese opera mask, paper-cutting, Chinese painting, birthday card, Introduced Chinese traditional architecture, Chinese food, Chinese geographical scenery, mid-autumn festival and mooncake to students. So during Chinese course the kids of East Middle School began to perceive differences and contrasts in thinking between Chinese language and their mother tongue, developed confidence and interest in learning the Chinese language and knowing Chinese culture and custom.


Romulus Central School DistrictRomulus Central School District
Chinese classes were offered to students at Romulus Central School District starting in Sept this year. Students from kindergarten to Grade six are enrolled in the Chinese classes. Lin Hao from CIAU is accompanying students to experience Chinese language and culture twice a week. Chinese course now covered greetings, name, numbers, family, body parts, etc.  Lin Hao picks different topics for students according to their age characteristics and hobbies, combines language learning with interactive activities, such as singing, dancing, playing games, which create more fun and stimulate student’s learning motivation. Students are increasingly fascinated with the Chinese language and culture; they hope to learn more about ancient and modern China.


Guzheng Concert in WellsvilleSuccessful Guzheng Concert in Wellsville
On October 23rd, invited by the David Howe Public Library, Daisy Wu, the associate professor of music of CIAU did a successful guzheng concert “Melody of China” in Nancy Howe Auditorium, Wellsville NY. Daisy played 3 traditional pieces of the Top 10 Chinese classics, and 3 contemporary guzheng pieces; moreover, she played a piece of  guzheng and Swimming Dragon Tai Chi with master Fang, the Kung Fu instructor of CIAU, and 2 pieces with her students of the AU Guzheng Ensemble.
More than 200 audiences from Wellsville area had a wonderful night. Eileen Tecza, the director of Nancy Howe Auditorium, said, “This is a fantastic concert, Daisy is a charming musician, her performance is so beautiful and so touching”.

The 20th ACPSS International Conference
The Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences in the United States (ACPSS) held The 20th International Conference at State University of New York Buffalo State from Oct 18 to Oct 20. CIAU was invited to attend this conference and Chinese director Tao Peng together with CIAU faculty Daisy Wu, Olivia Wang, Starry He and Penny Peng took part in it.
The theme this year is Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainability in China and Beyond: Environment, Health, Justice and Other Emerging Social Issues. CIAU faculties had a heated discussion on the topic of Confucius Institute and Confucius New China Study Plan.

President receptionPresident’s reception for CIAU
On October 17th, Friday, President of Alfred University, Dr. Charles Edmonson and his wife, Dr. Laura Greyson held a reception for faculties from CIAU. The directorof CIAU, Dr. Wilfred Huang and Dr. Tao Peng with other teachers who worked at campus of AU joined this reception. The reception was for the good job that the CIAU has done from CIAU was founded in December 2008. “I really appreciated the job that Dr. Huang has done with the excellent teachers at CIAU and the contribution to AU and our community and other school districts.” The president said. Mr. Greyson introduced lots of cultural and artistic knowledge about AU as well. Dr. Huang and Dr. Peng thanked for the strong support from the president.


Visit of Mr. Xiande Zhao to North Street Elementary School
On September 29, Chinese animation director Mr. Xiande Zhao and Miss Rong Yi paid a visit to North Street Elementary School. They brought the cartoon of Confucius to one 4th grade class. The class started with a story of Confucius which drew a great attention of the students and then one episode of Confucius was showed to the class. Mr. Zhao would like to promote the animation Confucius or Chinese original animation works on the large scale, to the public and Geneva is one of the stops. His intention is relatively received according to the feedback to the Geneva class.


Confucius Institute DayConfucius Institute Day
On September 27, Confucius Institute at Alfred University held a series of events in Northstar Christian Academy in Rochester, including exhibitions, Grassland Culture Lectures, performances and a concert to celebrate the first Confucius Institute Day. Directors of CIAU Wilfred Huang and Tao Peng, President of Alfred University Charles Edmonson, chairman of the board of Northstar Christian Academy Gorge Grace and Dean of Gates Mack Assini attended the activities.
The exhibitions were composed of three parts: books exhibition, Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition and sculpture exhibition. Explore Chinese, compiled by CIAU, and other books about Chinese culture were exhibited; Shan Ding and Li Xu, two Chinese painters, exhibited their paintings and calligraphy works, which attracted the audience to write in brush; Daisy Wu, guzheng teacher and Baojian, a famous guanzi performer cooperated a famous piece Yang Guan San Die, and children from Northstar Christian Acadamy and Rochester Chinese School performed Chinese rhyme Two Tigers, poem Awakening in Spring night and dance Flower Season of Spring; Tai Chi show reached the climax of these activities; all the audience started to play Tai Chi with the performers and enjoyed the happiness of this traditional exercise.

Lectures art and Wen DusuLectures about traditional nomadic life and art and Wen Dusu's sculpture art: professor Li Chonghui gave us a lecture on nomadic life and art, which started from their traditional nomadic life style to their faith and Nadam Fair, then to the specific artistic expression in everyday life, such as their paintings, delicately carved furniture and leather carvings, which showed their art creation and delight in everyday life and gave the audience infinite reverie. Professor Wen Dusu brought his sculpture works and introduced to us his beautiful wishes in his works.


The concert "Galloping on Grassland" gave the audiences an audio-visual feast of unique horse-headed fiddle, long tune and Mongolian dance. Accompanied by Daisy Wu's guzheng (associate professor in CIAU), Luanne Crosby (professor in Alfred University) sang Beautiful Grassland, My Home in Chinese.

Inner Mongolia concert in CorningInner Mongolian concert in Coring
Together with Corning Chinese Association, CIAU also held an Inner Mongolia concert on September 25 in Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG). CIAU director Wilfred Huang, faculty Huiyang Li and Olivia (Liwei) Wang attend the activity.
Performers from IMNU gave a visual and auditory feast to the community of Corning. What’s more, this concert concentrated on the culture of Mongolia music which makes the local audience know more about a kind of Chinese minorities’ culture. More than 600 people join in the concert and have fun there.


Open House
On September 25, North Street Elementary School held open house from 6:00-7:30 am. Open house provides a great chance for the parents to know school programs and valid channel for the communication between parents and teachers.Many students and parents visited Chinese classroom 254. Students were eager to tell their parents what they have learned in the Chinese class and showed the Chinese language to their parents. The Chinese program was appreciated by the parents and the school district for it is offering a new skill and perspective to their children.

Inner Mongolia concert in AUInner Mongolia concert in AU
On September 24th, CIAU held a concert “Galloping on the Grassland” at Miller Hall in AU campus. CIAU faculties Daisy Wu and AU musical faculty Luanne Crosby performed with some Chinese musicians from Inner Mongolia Normal University. The joint performance on that evening was a great success. The show forms were of diversity, including horse headed fiddle solo, piano accompaniment, guzheng, horse headed fiddle & piano ensemble, Mongolian dancing, soprano solo ect.
AU music students and alumni visited and performed in Inner Mongolia in May of this year, as a return performance, this concert was an academic dialogue and interaction between cultures. That musical evening had foster better relations and communication between Alfred University and Inner Mongolia Normal University.


Shanxi University Art TroupShanxi University Art Troupe Performance in North Street Elementary School, Geneva
On September 24, the art troupe from Shanxi University presented a marvelous performance to the Geneva local people in the auditorium in North Street Elementary School. A variety of programs such as folk songs, ethnical dances, group dances, martial arts and instrument performances amazed the audience with lots of applause. One of parents said after the performance: “I was so touched when I watch the dance of Thousand-Hand godness Guanyin, I burst into tears.” Tracy Marchionda, Director of Innovative Programming, Trina, Danielle Ouillette and other distinguished guests attended the performance. Tracy highly appreciated and stated that “it was amazing and our students are so lucky to have Alfred University supporting us.”


Chinese Painting ClassGuzheng performance in University of Idaho
On September 20th, Daisy Wu flew to Idaho State, and has a guzheng performance in University of Idaho. Daisy was invited by the Confucius Institute at University of Idaho, and she had a performance with the artists from Confucius Institute of Binghamton University and from New York City.  





Chinese Painting ClassChinese painting class
The Chinese Painting Class is at 3:00pm-4:00pm every Monday from September 2014 at Wimodaughsian Library. CIAU faculty Lilian Xu is the teacher of Chinese Painting Class.
Chinese painting is divided into two kinds: gongbi (elaborate style) and xieyi (free/liberal style), and professor Xu mainly taught them how to draw gongbi. By learning step by step, these students are now familiar with how gongbi works and how to use separate dyeing and covered dyeing. They trained their patience and inner tranquility in the process of painitng. Moreover, this class makes us gather together and make friends with each other. In this two month, they learnt how to draw flowers leaves and fishes by Chinese brushes.
The students are impressed with the Chinese culture and Chinese painting, and have a delightful interaction with Lilian and Penny (TA).


The development of Explore Chinese came into evaluation period
Explore Chinese and the Interactive Whiteboard Software Based on HSK is a series of multimedia textbooks designed and compiled by Confucius Institute at Alfred University in the U.S. and the School of Media and Communication of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in China. The evaluation will come to conclusion at mid-November.


North Syracuse Central School DistrictNorth Syracuse Central School District
In May and June, Emma and Katie Wang continued Chinese enrichment classes with the sixth graders at Gillette and Roxboro Middle Schools.  Their presentations introduced some interesting aspects of Chinese culture, such as pandas, Kung Fu, Chinese paper cutting, the animals of the Chinese zodiac, Chinese knots, and traditional Chinese musical instruments. The students learned basic words and expressions to talk about Chinese currency, time, dates and days, fruit, and school subjects. Classes concluded on June 21st.


The young learners were fascinated with the Chinese culture and language. They hoped to learn more about ancient and modern China, such as Chinese folk tales, historical heroes, traditional Chinese architecture, typical animals in China, and sports in China.

Geneva City School DistrictGeneva City School District
In May, CIAU faculty Hui Liu at West Street School in Geneva taught the young children how to say the names of some farm animals in Chinese, such as horse, cow, sheep, duck, chicken, and pig. The kids also enjoyed learning the Chinese song, “Old Mr. Wang Had a Farm”, which has the same melody and meaning with the English song, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.
In June, Hui Liu introduced the culture of chopsticks, showing the students chopsticks and teaching them how to use them. The children loved learning to pick up different things with chopsticks and felt excited when each one received a pair of chopsticks from Hui as a present. At the end of June, Hui also led them to review all the words, sentences, and songs which they had learned during the whole academic year and helped them to make their own Chinese books. From late May to the middle of June, Jeff Yin and Olivia Wang at North Street School helped the students review what they had learned during the whole academic year by making their own Chinese books, and students took an exam to finish the academic year.


Naples Central School DistrictNaples Central School District
Students at Naples Elementary School were invited to take an imaginary trip to China at the end of the semester. During their trip, they had great fun at the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin and were fascinated by the Terracotta Army in Xi’an. The most exciting thing was that each of them was able to take back home a cute panda.





Binghamton Distance LearningBinghamton Distance Learning  
On June 12th, thirteen eighth graders from Binghamton West Middle School took the Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Exam. This exam was organized by the Binghamton City School District (BCSD) and strictly followed the foreign language examination requirements and format of New York State.
Before the exam, Chinese teachers Sha (Rosa) Luo and Yanfang (Elyn) Song attended several meetings in the BCSD with the superintendent, Ms. Margaret, and other local Chinese teachers. After determining the content and making clear the format of the exam, they formulated a comprehensive review package for students of Chinese, covering basic skills such as Chinese character writing, vocabulary, and sentence translation, as well as a model test which included listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Over the past two semesters, Rosa and Elyn have successfully completed their assignment according to their curriculum map for the Eighth Grade.

Chinese Painting Class Reception at Canisteo LibraryChinese Painting Class Reception at Canisteo Library
On August 30th, CIAU held a reception for the Chinese painting class at the Wimodaughsian Free Library at Canisteo. Director Wilfred Huang was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced CIAU to the members of the Chinese painting class. CIAU faculty Li Xu, Shan Ding, Daisy Wu, Liwei (Olivia) Wang, Wei (Penny) Peng, Fang (Starry) He also attended this reception. Li Xu led in discussing “Xieyi” and “Gongbi” which are what she will teach in the classes, and also listened to what people want to learn. Shan Ding did a calligraphy demonstration that amazed all the people. The reception was successful in that all the members enjoyed it. The Chinese painting class will begin September 8th and will be taught by Li Xu.


Guzheng in the Open House of the Performing Arts DivisionGuzheng in the Open House of the Performing Arts Division
On August 25th, at the Open House of the Performing Arts Division, AU student Vanessa Englerth played Guzheng, shared her great learning and performing experiences with Guzheng, and attracted more students to take the Guzheng course. Vanessa studied Guzheng in Daisy Wu’s class for one year. As a member of the AU Guzheng Ensemble, she did a nice performance with the AU Musical Performing Group in China this summer.




Master Fang’s Tai Chi Class in WellsvilleMaster Fang’s Tai Chi Class in Wellsville
Invited by the David Howe Public Library in Wellsville, NY, our CIAU Tai Chi master Guifang Liu and her students did a demonstration Tai Chi class in the lawn of the library on August 22th. More than 40 people joined in this Tai Chi class, and practiced the Hearth Qigong Yi Jin Jing, Five-animal Exercises, Ba Duan Jin, 24 Form Tai Chi, and Swimming Dragon Tai Chi.




Presentation to AU Residence LifePresentation to AU Residence Life
On Aug. 8th, CIAU faculty Daisy Wu and Elyn Song gave a presentation to AU Residence Life. The presentation focused on the cultural and educational differences between AU and Chinese universities, especially the campus life of Hunan University of Commerce (HUC). For the next academic year, seven students who have come from HUC will get through the culture shocks by themselves, and take their major courses.

Summer Tai Chi Class
For the past four years, the CIAU Tai Chi class has been warmly welcomed by AU students, faculty, and community people around the Alfred area. This year the summer Tai Chi class ran for 7 weeks from July 14th to August 29th. Master Guifang Liu, who leads the group, reviewed all the forms: the Hearth Qigong Yi Jin Jing, Five-animal Exercises, Ba Duan Jin and Swimming Dragon Tai Chi, which she taught last year, and, at the request of the newcomers, she taught the 24 Form Tai Chi again from the beginning.



Summer Camp for Students of CUG at AUSummer Camp for Students of CUG at AU
From July 11th to 24th, fifteen college students from the China University of Geosciences (CUG) in Wuhan came to Alfred University for a two-week Summer Camp.  The students stayed on campus for one week of lessons in English language and American history, education, and culture, and then took a field trip to Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City to get a first-hand experience of American history and society. This was the first time for AU to cooperate with a Chinese university for a project of this type.  Having the Confucius Institute at AU as organizer made it a successful activity. Dr. Peng and Yunchuan Jing, Lin Hao, Sha Luo, Huiyang Li worked for the camp.



Geneva Summer CampGeneva Summer Camp
From July 8 to 10, the Geneva school district hosted a Chinese summer camp in the West Street School Library with the help of CIAU teachers. Some students from Romulus school district, led by their principal, also joined the summer camp. During the three-day summer camp, CIAU invited Kungfu master Liu Guifang to teach Five Animals Exercises and Tai Chi. CIAU teacher Daisy Wu taught students how the play basic Guzheng, a musical instrument. Teacher Olivia Wang taught students a Chinese song, “Drop Handerchief”, by playing a game in the gym, and also taught students how to make paper lanterns. Teachers Hui Liu and Jeff Yin taught students how to draw a giant panda with a traditional Chinese painting brush. The three-day summer camp was an exciting experience for all students.


CI Teachers Visit Bangor Chinese SchoolCI Teachers Visit Bangor Chinese School
On the 28th of June, all of the CI teachers visited Bangor Chinese School (BCS) in Maine. Dr. James T. Kenny, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Zhang Jing, Director of BCS, met with the teachers. They shared with us their efforts and strategy to promote Chinese in this “remote” state, including: community involvement and support, networking with China, and service toward economic cooperation. Their story impressed the teachers. In the following days, the teachers observed their Startalk program, used to enrich the experience of learning Chinese.




Geneva Dragon Boat FestivalGeneva Dragon Boat Festival
In May, Geneva teachers Jeff Yin and Olivia Wang spent two weeks in cooperation with the music teacher, band teacher, and P.E. teacher at North Street School preparing for the Dragon Boat Festival to be held on June 24. They helped the music teacher teach the Chinese folk song “ Fengyang Huagu” to the whole school. The band teacher taught the band how to make instrumental accompaniment. Jeff and Olivia also helped the P.E. teacher train a group of students to perform Kungfu. As a surprise, they invited all the male teachers of North Street School to perform a Chinese dragon dance. The men practiced on many early mornings under the guidance of CIAU. The Dragon Boat Festival held on June 24 was a great success and caught the attention of students and faculty throughout the school, as well as the community.



AU Musical Performing Group’s Trip to ChinaAU Musical Performing Group’s Trip to China
On May 18th, the Musical Performing Group of CIAU and the Performing Arts Division of AU arrived in Beijing and initiated its 3-week visit of China. The performing group was led by Dr. Wilfred Huang, CIAU Director, and consisted of the AU Chamber Singers, led by Prof. Luanne Crosby, and the Alfred University Guzheng Ensemble, led by Prof. Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu.  Prof. Stephen Crosby, Dean of the Performing Arts Division of AU, and Xinyue (Rose) Hu from CIAU were also in the group. From May 18th to 20th, the group paid a visit to Hanban, Confucius Institute Headquarters, and presented a very delightful performance which was well received by Hanban officials. They also went sightseeing at the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and enjoyed the cultural experience of a Peking Opera performance.


From May 21st to 24th, the Musical Performing Group visited Hohhot in Inner Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia Normal UniversityFrom May 21st to 24th, the Musical Performing Group visited Hohhot in Inner Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia Normal University, with which AU has established a very good friendship for a long time. The teachers and students from IMNU showed the guests their campus with hospitality, and very positive communication passed between the two sides. On the evening of the 22nd and 23rd, two excellent concerts were presented by the Musical Performing Group and IMNU which were greatly enjoyed by the audience. The President of IMNU, the former Canadian Ambassador to China, and other distinguished guests attended the performance. After the concerts, the group visited a museum of Inner Mongolia and has a cultural experience in the Grassland.



From May 25th to 28th, the group continued its trip to Changsha City in Hunan Province and visited Hunan Commerce UniversityFrom May 25th to 28th, the group continued its trip to Changsha City in Hunan Province and visited Hunan Commerce University. On the evening of the27th, the group had a pleasant communication with the Hunan Tian Han Folk Music Group and presented a joint performance. The next evening, an exchange concert between the Musical Performance Group and Hunan Commerce University was held on campus. The President of Hunan Commerce University attended the performance. On the stage, American students sang Chinese songs and played the Chinese guzheng, which aroused much attention from many local newspapers and a TV station. They interviewed performers and featured reports about this event. During the trip in Changsha, the group also went sightseeing in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.


From May 29th to June 1st, the group arrived in Wuhan and visited the China University of Geosciences (CUG), the partner of AU in establishing CIAUFrom May 29th to June 1st, the group arrived in Wuhan and visited the China University of Geosciences (CUG), the partner of AU in establishing CIAU. Prof. Luanne & Stephen Crosby and Prof. Wu had a communication conference with professors from the Arts School of CUG, and students from both sides also had an enjoyable exchange of communication. The joint performance on the evening of May 31st was a huge success. The President of CUG attended the concert. Besides the art and music cooperation, the group also paid a visit to places of interest such as Hubei Museum and Yellow Crane Tower.



National Chinese Language ConferenceNational Chinese Language Conference
CIAU Chinese director Tao Peng and teacher Huiyang Li attended the National Chinese Language Conference, which was held in Los Angeles May 8 -10.   The National Chinese Language Conference is dedicated to encouraging dialogue in the field of Chinese language education and ensuring wide-scale success.  Peng and Li had a deep exchange with other teachers and administrators.  CIAU teacher Jessica Liu also attended the conference with funding from Geneva schools.





Meeting with the Faculty of the Chinese School of RochesterMeeting with the Faculty of the Chinese School of Rochester
CIAU faculty visited the Chinese School of Rochester (CSR) on May 3rd. According to their teaching program at each school district, CIAU faculty took part in different classes at CSR. Jessica Liu and Elyn Song gave demonstration  classes on weather and intentions. All the faculty of CIAU and CSR had a warm meeting after class. Instructors of different grades formed discussion groups to exchange experiences and improve their teaching skills.



North Syracuse Central School DistrictNorth Syracuse Central School District
During March and April, CIAU faculty members Emma Wang and Katie Wang continued with their enrichment classes to 6th graders at Gillette and Roxboro Middle Schools. The lessons have covered such topics as My Home, My Family, Professions, Table Manners, Food and Drinks, Numbers, Chinese Calligraphy, Sports, Body Parts, etc. More than 80 students enjoy learning basic Mandarin Chinese and understanding more about Chinese culture, both traditional and modern.
At the same time, some social studies teachers and the music teacher invited the Chinese teachers into their classrooms to give presentations about Chinese schools and Beijing Opera. The students were fascinated with the different school life and arts in China.


Geneva City School DistrictGeneva City School District
In March and April, CIAU faculty Jessica Liu introduced all the students at West Street Elementary School to “A School Day” of elementary students in China. The students learned many things about the daily life of Chinese elementary students, and compared this with their own school life. The students also learned how to talk about the weather. In order to make study lively and interesting, Jessica used sign language to help teach the weather words in Chinese. The students also made a Chinese weather book to take home to show their families.
In March and April, students at North Street School learned about a variety of social studies topics. Yanjie Yin taught the 4th and 5th graders about transportation vehicles by singing a Chinese version of “The Wheels on the Bus” and comparing American and Chinese transportation. They also learned about Chinese drama, adapted from “Mr. Fool Moved the Mountain”, and about common animals by playing Smartboard games. Liwei Wang had fun teaching the 3rd graders about maps, national flags, animals and body parts. They learned not only the related words of these topics, but also some differences between the cultures of the different countries, as well as two songs with Chinese lyrics which were adapted from the songs, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

Naples Central School District
A variety of fun games and interactive activities stimulated students at Naples Elementary School to make short conversations on topics of food, beverages, and hobbies. In addition to language learning, they were introduced to a traditional Chinese festival, the Qingming Festival, as well as famous Chinese cuisines such as Dumplings, Beijing Duck, and Tanghulu.

Binghamton Distance LearningBinghamton Distance Learning
Eighth graders at the Binghamton West Middle School will take a post-test and a proficiency test at the end of May and in early June. Rosa Luo and Elyn Song are giving review sessions to the students after having finished the required instruction according to their curriculum map. To prepare for these tests, the 8th graders started intense review sessions in April, based on the word pool and main structure guide for the test prepared by Rosa, Elyn, and other teachers.

Meeting in Binghamton City School District (BCSD)
Binghamton West Middle School held a Chinese conference on April 9th and 10th. The CIAU Chinese teachers, Rosa and Elyn, met with the supervisor, Mrs. Margaret, other Chinese teachers in BCSD, and some parents at the meeting. The meeting mainly focused on four things: 1.) Revising the proficiency exam; 2.) Review of the Mandarin curriculum; 3.) Establishing Common Assessments and 4.) Grading procedures for the Mandarin program. At the end of the meeting, all the teachers had made out most parts of the Proficiency Test, Pre-test and Post-test. The remaining content was to be discussed at the next meeting on May 7th and 8th.

Filming of CIAU documentary Filming of CIAU documentary
In March, CIAU made a documentary to celebrate Chinese Language Day. The documentary includes the Chinese class of Huiyang Li, distance learning class of Rosa Luo, Geneva School district class of Jessica Liu, guzheng class of Daisy Wu, and the Alfred Tai chi class, along with interviews with Charles Edmondson, AU President, Wilfred Huang, CIAU Director, Steven Crosby, professor of AU’s Division of Performing Arts, Trina Newton, Superintendent of the Geneva City School District, and Tracy Marchionda, Director of Innovative Programming in the Geneva City School District.


Visit to Tai Chi Class in Wellsville
On March 11, CIAU faculty Daisy Wu, Huiyang Li, Elyn Song, Tulip Chen, and Rose Hu were invited to the Tai Chi class in Wellsville. The Tai Chi class in Wellsville has grown out of the class in Alfred, and now has more than 20 people. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday at the First United Methodist Church, 79 Madison Street, Wellsville.

Visit of the President of Houghton College to CIAUVisit of the President of Houghton College to CIAU
On March 18th, Dr. Shirley Mullen, President of Houghton College, and Professor Eric Currie, Houghton’s Vice President for Enrollment, visited AU. Accompanied by CIAU Director Wilfred Huang and Chinese Director Tao Peng, they visited the Confucius Institute office and held a meaningful discussion of ways to expand cooperation between the two universities.


Master Class on Chinese Instruments: Guqin
On March 19th Peter Worden, a musician from Buffalo, gave a Master Class on the Chinese instrument, guqin, in the Choral Room in AU’s Miller Theater. He started with basic knowledge of the instrument, and then presented three famous pieces. They were all well received by the audience.

Songs of Spring Concert

Songs of Spring Concert
On March 20th, CIAU sponsored the concert, “Songs of Spring”, which was enjoyed by faculty, students, and members from the surrounding community at Nevins Theater. Guzheng musician Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu, AU soprano Professor Luanne Crosby, Dizi musician Shijun Cheng from Binghamton University, and Peter Worden from Buffalo University presented ten famous Chinese songs. From classical music to folk tunes, the audience had many ways to experience Chinese culture. Laughing Over the Blue Sea was most thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.




Master Liu won a First Prize at the 12th Hong Kong Wushu International ChampionshipMaster Liu won a First Prize at the 12th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship.





Kids-to-College Program Kids-to-College Program
On March 27 and 28, more than 160 kids came from the Olean Central School and Wellsville Middle School to attend a seminar offered by CIAU. CIAU faculty members Elyn, Rose, Tina, and Tulip gave a Chinese writing demonstration. The lectures mainly introduced the characters’ origins, basic strokes, the “Four Treasures”, and how to use a brush to write Chinese characters.
On April 11, the students enjoyed lectures focused on a Chinese traditional art form, Beijing Opera. This day’s talk introduced the costumes, instruments, gestures, movements, and four types of roles in Beijing Opera. The students took an active part in the interaction. Some of them tried to perform and imitate the fictitious movements in the Beijing opera, like opening and closing a door, drinking tea, etc. The students had a lot of fun with those experiences, which were totally new for them, and became interested in Beijing Opera. CIAU Chinese Director Tao Peng and faculty members Elyn, Lee, Daisy, Rosa, Rose and Tulip participated in this activity.

Chinese Bridge Competition at Pace University, NYChinese Bridge Competition at Pace University, NY
Alexander Harder, a sophomore in Chinese 202 at AU, took part in Chinese Bridge, a Chinese proficiency competition funded by the Headquarters of the Confucius Institute. Alexander competed against 16 contestants from other colleges and universities in the eastern United States. His speech and talent show finished perfectly. Daisy Wu and Huiyang Li went to the competition together as tutors.


Presentation at Wellsville Central SchoolPresentation at Wellsville Central School
At the invitation of the 6th grade teachers of Wellsville Central School, on April 10 Daisy Wu and Tina Jiang gave a presentation on the Chinese traditional musical instrument, Guzheng, and the twelve Chinese Zodiac animals as part of the school’s cultural program on ancient China. Exposure to the rich and diverse Chinese cultural heritage stimulated the students’ interest and their enthusiasm for ancient China.



Chinese Class for AU Students Traveling to China
In April, Rose Hu and Tina Jiang provided a crash course in Mandarin and Chinese culture for AU students who are going to take a performance tour of China in May this year. The students were equipped with the “top ten Chinese phrases for travelers” and other survival expressions, as well as Chinese culture and etiquette to help them better cope during their upcoming trip to China.

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)
On April 12th, 2014, the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test was administered in AU’s Perlman Hall. This is a worldwide test offered annually to all Chinese learners, and the learners who pass have opportunities to get scholarships for studying in China. This year’s HSK at AU was organized by Huiyang Li and Rose Hu. Six AU students took Level 2 and Level 3 Tests.

Phi Sigma Iota Ceremony
CIAU faculty Huiyang Li was recommended by the Division of Modern Languages (DML) at AU as a new member of the Phi Sigma Iota International Foreign Language Honor Society for his good job in teaching Chinese. The induction ceremony was held at the Knight Club on April 22th, 2014. All professors and teachers from the DML participated, and Dr. Tao from CIAU attended the ceremony along with other guests.

Geneva Chinese Performance NightGeneva Chinese Performance Night
On April 25th, CIAU sponsored a big Chinese culture show called “Spring Breeze” at the auditorium of the North Street School in the Geneva School District. More than 300 students and parents attended, and the evening turned out to be a great success. The audience watched a variety of Chinese folk art programs, guzheng performances, and other songs and drama performed by students. Chinese artists from New York City, Chunnuan Liu, Rui Zhang and Wenpang Zhang, demonstrated Chinese acrobatics, face-changing, and Peking Opera, all of which amazed the audience. The guzheng melody Dragon Boat Racing on the Miluo River performed by Daisy Wu touched all the people. Also, 3rd graders sang the songs that they learned in Mandarin class and 4th and 5th graders gave the drama, Mr. Fool Moved the Mountain, which was highly appreciated by the audience. The chorus of Geneva High School performed a Chinese song, Feng Yang Hua Gu, which was also a highpoint of this show. Danielle Quilette, the principle of North Street School, took part in the performance and spoke highly of it.
A fifth grade student of North Street School reported the performance on the Geneva Central School's web site, go to for the detail.






Hot Dog Day 2014Hot Dog Day 2014
CIAU joined the parade and sponsored two booths, an acrobat show booth and a game booth, during Alfred’s annual Hot Dog Day charity carnival April 26th.
The parade consisted of a dragon dance team, a Peking Opera performer, and the Tai Chi group, which attracted a lot of attention on that day. Three acrobats from New York gave rich performances of face-changing, martial arts, and plate spinning, etc. Guests had a great chance to experience Chinese culture by writing calligraphy, learning characters, playing Chinese ancient games, etc. This was the first time that CIAU participated in Hot Dog Day, and it turned out positively.


The Second International Conference On Teaching Chinese as A Second LanguageThe Second International Conference On Teaching Chinese as A Second Language
On April 25th -26th, the Confucius Institute (CI) of San Francisco State University hosted the 2nd International Conference with the theme, “Chinese Language Research and Chinese Teaching: Today & Tomorrow”. CIAU faculty Emma Wang, Katie Wang, Elyn Song, and Tina Jiang traveled to this conference on teaching Chinese as a second language. One hundred forty people attended, including directors and teachers of Confucius Institutes from the United States, Canada, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as several language schools in the USA. The president of San Francisco State University and the director of the Confucius Institute of SF sent warm regards to all those present. The conference consisted of eight panels who researched the interests of the keynote speakers:
1- Latest theories and developments in Chinese linguistics research & TCSL/TCFL
2- Developments and trends in teaching Chinese culture
3- Research on Chinese language, culture, and thinking modes
4- Teaching Chinese grammar, vocabulary, and characters
5-Chinese films in culture education: theories and practices
6-Teacher education & professional training of qualified Chinese language teachers
Eighteen instructors, including directors of CI in the USA and professors from esteemed universities in China and Hong Kong, gave incisive presentations which stimulated an animated and lively discussion.

Geneva School DistrictGeneva School District
In January and February, CIAU faculty at the Geneva School District held a variety of Chinese New Year activities.
Yanjie Yin and Liwei Wang in North Street School taught students the song “Happy New Year” and a self-written Chinese New Year customs song accompanied by traditional Chinese musical instruments. Student representatives from 3rd graders to 5th graders sang Chinese New Year songs during morning announcement time. Also, students practiced Chinese calligraphy of “福”, “马”, “春”, and “马到成功”, and then a Year of the Horse Chinese calligraphy exhibition was made in the school hallway.


Hui Liu in West Street School taught students the Chinese song “Happy New Year”.Hui Liu in West Street School taught students the Chinese song “Happy New Year”
Ms. Liu introduced students many Chinese New Year customs and the 12 animal zodiacs. And since this is the Year of the Horse, Hui Liu led the students to recognize the character “马” by doing coloring work.





North Syracuse Central School District North Syracuse Central School District
In January, CIAU faculty Katie Wang and Emma Wang continued to present Chinese cultures to the 6th graders in Social Studies classes at the Gillette Road Middle School and Roxboro Middle School. The young students learned how to address family members in Mandarin, among other conversational skills. They loved repeating a rhyme made up by the two teachers. Also, some 5th grade teachers invited the two CIAU teachers into their classrooms just before the Chinese New Year. The students were happy to learn about holiday traditions. They were especially excited to get red envelopes with real Chinese currency inside.
In February, Katie and Emma began Chinese Enrichment lessons for the second semester. The students learned how to introduce themselves in Mandarin. They also learned about the Lantern Festival, and each one made their own lantern to proudly show to their classmates and parents.

Naples Central School DistrictNaples Central School District
In January and February, CIAU faculty Tina Jiang introduced traditional Chinese festivals to the students. By receiving red envelopes, sending New Year wishes, and rehearsing the story of the Chinese Zodiac signs, the students get to know more about the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year. With support from the Naples Elementary School, they successfully held a Lantern Festival display for the whole school. Other students were invited to guess the riddles under each handmade lantern.


Distance learning in Binghamton City School DistrictDistance learning in Binghamton City School District
In January and February, Binghamton West Middle School studied expressions regarding transportation and Spring Festival customs through the distance-learning class. In the face-to-face class, Rosa Luo, Elyn Song, and Tulip Chen presented students with a cultural immersion experience class of making dumplings. The students had fun making dumplings and were excited to display their work to each other.


Daisy Wu’s Visits to BuffaloDaisy Wu’s Visits to Buffalo
In the afternoon of January 16, CIAU faculty Daisy Wu was invited by the Asian Studies Program and the Confucius Institute of the University at Buffalo to give a lecture in the music department for their winter term music course. The students in MUS 264 were very impressed with the guzheng performance, and had a delightful interaction with Daisy. The discussion centered on guzheng techniques and training, the instrument itself, and differences in notation of written scores. In the evening of the 16th, Daisy Wu gave a guzheng concert at Pausa Art House in downtown Buffalo. Daisy’s performance was deeply appreciated by the audience. She also presented a few songs together with local Guchin player Peter Worden.

January 17th, 2014January 17th, Daisy gave lectures in two music theory classes at Williamsville South High School. These presentations also won the enthusiastic response of students and teachers. Daisy was very impressed by the students’ interest and questions.




February 1st, 2014February 1st, Daisy and her family were invited by Niagara University to attend the CMAA 2014 Fundraising Dinner at the Orchard Park Country Club. Daisy gave a wonderful guzheng performance after the dinner.
On February 2nd, Daisy was invited by the Confucius Institute at the University of Buffalo to perform guzheng music at the Chinese New Year Gala of Western New York at the Center for the Arts in Buffalo.

Chinese Corner Resumed
Chinese Corner at Alfred University was resumed on January 27 this semester. Chinese Corner meets every Monday from 5:30-7:00 pm at the Confucius House (10 Park Street) and welcomes students in Chinese classes and anyone else who is interested in learning the language and culture of China. The session includes language practice, cultural discussions, a video show, and games.


Geneva Chinese New Year Celebration of Paws NightGeneva Chinese New Year Celebration of Paws Night
On Paws Night, January 28, CIAU sponsored a big Chinese New Year Gala at West Street School in the Geneva School District, which attracted many children and parents and turned out to be a great success. The students, their families, and other community members – a total of 300 people - enjoyed themselves with various activities such as using chopsticks, making Chinese knots, tasting Chinese food, and doing calligraphy, as well as with a guzheng concert performed by Daisy Wu and her three students from Geneva schools.

This event was highly supported by the Geneva School District. Administrators including Trina S. Newton, Superintendent of Geneva School, Tracy A. Marchionda, Director of Innovative Programming, Nina McCarth, Principle of West Street Elementary School, and Danielle Quilette, Principle of North Street Elementary School, all joined in the celebration.

Although it was the first Chinese New Year Celebration of Paws Night in the Geneva school district, it was a huge success. The leaders of the Geneva district hope that they can hold a Chinese New Year even every year.

Chinese New Year Dinner GalaChinese New Year Dinner Gala

On February 1st, CIAU sponsored the annual Chinese New Year Dinner Gala at Susan Howell Hall at Alfred University, which was enjoyed by many faculty, students, and members of the surrounding community. Guests participated in a variety of interactive cultural activities: Chinese knot tying, lantern making, calligraphy, Chinese painting, and a video showing Chinese New Year customs.




The highlight of the night was a speech given by Scot BrackenridgeThe highlight of the night was a speech given by Scot Brackenridge, visiting assistant professor of Religious Studies, who talked about Chinese New Year customs from a personal perspective. After that, the guests enjoyed the bountiful and delicious food and received a horse toy as a gift.

Performance at St. Bonaventure Performance at St. Bonaventure University

On February 10, CIAU faculty Daisy Wu, Tina Jiang, and Tao Peng were invited to participate in the first Chinese New Year Celebration at St. Bonaventure University. The audience was deeply touched by the beautiful guzheng melody of High Mountain and Floating Water as played by Daisy. The highpoint came when Tina introduced the stories of the Chinese zodiac. Teachers and students were highly interested in Chinese culture and asked many questions. The celebration hall was full of laughter and applause. Sr. Margaret Carney, the President of St. Bonaventure University, sincerely appreciated the great support of CIAU to the celebration. The two universities exchanged exquisite presents at the end of the celebration.

Daisy Wu’s Visit to Fisher-Price, Inc.Daisy Wu’s Visit to Fisher-Price, Inc.
On February 11th, Daisy Wu gave a Chinese music presentation and guzheng performance at the Chinese Cultural Awareness Day Celebration at the East Aurora headquarters of Fisher-Price, Inc. She was also invited to tour the audio engineering department and the studios of the company.





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