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North Syracuse Central School District North Syracuse Central School District

In November and December, CIAU faculty Katie Wang and Emma Wang gave their presentations on ancient and modern Chinese cultures at the Roxboro Road and Gillette Road Middle Schools. They were invited to the social studies, math, and art classes to talk about the Great Wall, Chinese characters, Chinese food, calligraphy, and the Chinese Lunar New Year. The students and teachers very much enjoyed writing Chinese calligraphy, using chopsticks, and singing a Chinese “Happy New Year” song.




Geneva Central School District Geneva Central School District

All the students at West Street Elementary School learned a Chinese song, “I Love My Family,” taught by CIAU faculty Jessica Liu. The students created gestures that describe their fathers, mothers, and other family members with the help of Jessica. Moreover, the students learned how to count from one to ten in Chinese. Some of them can even count from one to one hundred. They have also learned addition up to ten in Chinese. During the last two weeks, Jessica introduced them to the way Chinese people celebrate Christmas and taught the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Chinese. Some kindergarten students performed the song at PAWS night.

The Chinese instruction at North Street Elementary School, led by CIAU faculty Jeff Yin and Olivia Wang, is combined into the school’s educational curriculum. From November to December, third graders learned the scientific method, colors, Chinese pictography, and Peking Opera through various activities. Fourth graders had discussions on peace, the Constitution, and law in the history of Native Americans, with some famous Chinese historical figures being introduced at the same time. The fifth graders discussed the themes of fairness and human rights through a comparison between America and China, which provided the students with a better understanding of Chinese history and the current situation of social justice, in addition to the concept of human rights in China. Moreover, both fourth and fifth graders learned Halloween and household vocabularies in Chinese.

Naples Central School DistrictNaples Central School District

In November and December, the students made a book entitled About Me after they learned how to say their names, ages, and family members’ and friends’ names as instructed by CIAU faculty Tina Jiang. Cultural experiences such as using Chinese chopsticks, writing Chinese calligraphy, and paper cutting were well received. The students were also encouraged to send their holiday wishes to loved ones using their own handmade gift cards with Chinese cultural features.



Binghamton Distance LearningBinghamton Distance Learning

In November and December, CIAU faculty Rosa Luo, Elyn Song, and Tulip Chen introduced to students the topics of food and drink, expressions of likes and dislikes, occupations, descriptions of social situations, locations, and so on. On November 21st, Elyn attended a conference held in Binghamton West Middle School. This conference focused on the discussion of textbooks, teaching schedules, and assessments. A curriculum map for the eighth graders of West Middle School and East Middle School was designed based on the seventh and ninth grade curriculum maps. In the meantime, a modal proficiency test on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills was submitted at the end of this semester.


Guzheng Performance at Alfred State CollegeGuzheng Performance at Alfred State College

On November 14th, CIAU faculty members Daisy Wu assisted by Rose Hu were invited to give a lecture about guzheng at the “Global Topics Seminar” at ASC. Daisy first introduced some basic knowledge to students. She then performed three classic guzheng pieces: Fishing Boat in the Evening, Dance of the Yi People, and Fighting the Typhoon, during which students showed a great interest in the instrument and the music it produced, and, as a result, interacted with Daisy very well.




CIAU Faculty Attend ACTFLCIAU Faculty Attend ACTFL

CIAU faculty Wilfred Huang, Tao Peng, Huiyang Li, and Olivia Wang attended the 47th American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) expo from November 22nd to 24th in Orlando, Florida. A set of Chinese teaching textbooks (Explore Chinese) and smartboard software were exhibited. Many attendees, including Chinese teachers and the press, showed great interest in the teaching materials, and suggestions were made to improve the development of the materials in the future.








Online Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration ProgramOnline Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration Program

On November 21st, the Alfred University Chorus and Chamber singers, the AU Guzheng Ensemble, and CIAU Faculty filmed a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration program as part of the global Confucius Institute's Chinese Lunar New Year Online Gala. Melodic and graceful guzheng music, a bright and lively song by AU singers, and sincere New Year’s wishes from AU people will be delivered to the whole world.




Videos available onlineThe videos are now available online:
Please vote for us from Jan 15 to Feb 15 if you like them.





On December 2nd, the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level 1 and Level 3 were successfully administered in Perlman Hall by CIAU faculty Huiyang Li and Rose Hu. Seven students attended the exams.


Taichi Master Won First PrizeTaichi Master Won the First Prize

Master Guifang Liu, the coach of CIAU Taichi class, took part in the Hunan Province Championship which was held in Changsha, China, November 21-24, 2013.  Her Swimming Dragon form has won the first prize of the women's group.

Progress Report of Teaching Material Program

The name of our teaching material is Explore Chinese. The program is sponsored by Hanban and progressing well that the teacher’s book, students’ book and activity book of Level 3, together with the software development have been drafted. The hardcopy edition and software design of Level 1, 2 and 4 are in process and on schedule. CIAU will be exhibiting the books and software at the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) on Nov. 22-24 in Orlando, Florida. 

CIAU Meeting

CIAU meeting was held at Confucius House on October 26. The meeting was consisted of two sessions. The first was a mini workshop on the language teaching and cultural communication. After an introduction of Prof. Tao Peng, CIAU faculty Huiyang Li introduced the teaching objectives and teaching plan in the U.S. education system. Katie Wang and Emma Wang then talked about cultural understanding and misunderstanding in the multi-cultural communication. Jeff Yin and Jessica Liu focused on the management of class while Rosa Luo shared her experience of distance learning. Lastly Daisy Wu talked about how she organized the music concert at Alfred.

Chinese Cultural DayChinese Cultural Day

The first Chinese Cultural Day was held on October 25. A variety of performances and activities were open to the public on campus.
The cultural day started with the dragon dance by students from Chinese classes and ISSO at 1:00 pm between Powell Campus Center and Susan Howell Hall. Former Provost William Hall dotted the dragon eye, initiating the dragon dance. This was the first time that dragon dance has been presented at Alfred, and it was delightfully received by the audience. 
Tai Chi performance followed at 1:30 at the Knight Club. Yi Jin Jing, Five-animal Exercise and 24-form steps were performed, which were well appreciated and attracted the audience to join in the performance. 
From 2:00- 4:00 pm, Chinese Tea Ceremony and calligraphy demonstration were held in the same venue.

Chinese music concert entitled East Meets WestThe climax of the day was the Chinese music concert entitled East Meets West, which was held in Miller Theater at 7:30. It was sponsored by CIAU and Performing Arts Division. AU chorus and Chamber singers, AU Orchestra, AU Symphonic Band, Guzheng Ensemble, guest musicians Shijun Cheng and Bo Pang jointly presented a wonderful performance of 11 pieces of classic Chinese music. The concert has won a full house of applause.





Visits of Master Guifang Liu to School DistrictsVisits of Master Guifang Liu to School Districts

On October15, Master Guifang Liu, CIAU faculty Tina Jiang, Rose Hu, and Chinese director Tao Peng gave Tai Chi demos at North Street Elementary School and West Street Elementary School. 240 students from 3-5 grades of North Street Elementary School and 160 students from K-2 grades of West Street Elementary School joined the demos. After a brief introduction of Chinese Kung Fu, Master Liu taught them Five-animal Exercise. Students enjoyed themselves very much by imitating animal movements.
On October 18, a Tai Chi demo was held at Naples Central School District. Chinese Kung Fu was introduced to about 50 high school students and then Yi Jin Jing was presented to them. They got to know the essence of Yi Jin Jing by learning the steps one by one.

End of Tai Chi classes for 2013

Three sessions of Tai Chi classes ended on October 11. Tai Chi members not only reviewed Yi Jin Jing, Five-animal Exercise, 24-form Steps and Swimming Dragon, but also learned the new form of Ba Duan Jin. Master Guifang Liu is deeply cherished by Tai Chi members who are looking forward to her return next year.

Tai Cjo demo at Farm MarketTai Chi demo at Farm Market

Alfred Farmers Market hosted a fall festival on October 6, and invited the Tai Chi group for a demonstration.  Master Guifang Liu and Tai Chi members performed Five-animal Exercise and 24-form.  It was well received by the audience.



Joint meeting of U.S. Confucius InstitutesJoint meeting of U.S. Confucius Institutes

CIAU’s director Wilfred Huang and Chinese director Tao Peng participated in the Joint Meeting of U.S. Confucius Institutes from September 28-30 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Madame Xu Lin, General Director of Hanban, introduced three new projects of Hanban in the coming years, namely, Confucius China Study Plan, Core Teacher Program and Chinese Language Day. Both directors shared their ideas about three projects with directors from other CIs.


Distance learning in Binghamton City School DistrictDistance learning in Binghamton City School District

CIAU faculty Sha (Rosa) Luo, Yanfang (Elyn) Song and Si (Tulip) Chen began distance learning program in Binghamton City School District from September. There are twelve 8th graders involved in this program. They have a class using Skype every day and skip the seventh class.  Instead there is an extended class on every sixth class where CIAU faculty will visit Binghamton classroom and meet with the students face-to-face. Students learned colors, family members, description of the size of houses and rooms, expression of likes and dislikes on food and drinks in Chinese. Three units of “My family”, “My house” and “Food and drink” in the book Happy Chinese 1 were also covered in the class. Students then experienced Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting during the extended classes.



Naples Central School DistrictNaples Central School District

CIAU faculty Tingting (Tina) Jiang began teaching Chinese class in Naples Elementary school from September. In her first Chinese lesson, students were amazed at the cultural diversity in China. Students have learned daily Chinese expressions and explored Chinese culture in a fun way and they were encouraged to use Chinese in their daily life. Telling parents “Mom and dad, I love you” in Chinese is definitely one of their favorites.


North Syracuse Central School DistrictNorth Syracuse Central School District

From October, CIAU teachers Katie Wang and Emma Wang began presenting the 6th graders at Roxboro Road Middle School Chinese cultures and language in North Syracuse Central School District. The topic focused on the surveying of China by comparing area, population, landforms, climate, main crops, languages, written systems, big cities between China and USA. The students also learned how to introduce themselves briefly in Mandarin Chinese.

The students and teachers welcomed the lessons with active interactions in class, hoping to know more about ancient and modern China.



Geneva North Street Elementary SchoolGeneva North Street Elementary School

In September, Jeff Yin and Olivia Wang began teaching Chinese lessons at Geneva North Street Elementary School. The Mandarin Chinese has been designed as a part of the main curriculum. Jeff and Olivia have spent one week practicing class rules and routine in Chinese. They worked along with the art teacher Mrs. DeRoo to teach students paper cutting of butterflies and traditional Chinese painting of panda and bamboo. Those works were in display during the open house later.  In October, they began teaching students with topics from other courses such as scientific process, mathematics, family, plant anatomy, and Halloween words. In the 4th and 5th graders’ class of scientific process, students did some interesting experiments to learn and practice how to express actions and senses in Chinese.


Geneva West Street Elementary School Geneva West Street Elementary School

In September, Mandarin Chinese teacher Hui Liu launched her teaching at Geneva West Street Elementary School.  Students from Kindergarten to 2nd grade were excited to learn the new language and culture. From September to October, they learned how to greet each other, ask names in Chinese, and how to express family members in Chinese.





Sep 25 & 27 - Performance at Stony Brook University and Binghamton UniversitySep 25 & 27 - Performance at Stony Brook University and Binghamton University

CIAU’s guzheng (Chinese Zither) musician Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu was invited by The Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University on September 25 to the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.  Her performance of the “Journey to Suzhou” and the “Fighting the Typhoon” has captivated the audience.
On September 27 the Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera at Binghamton University held the “Amazing China” concert where Daisy has performed as well. The concert was a success and was reported on the local newspaper.


Sep 17 - The Fifth Moon Festival Gala of CIAUSep 19 - The Fifth Moon Festival Gala of CIAU

The Fifth Moon Festival Gala of CIAU was held in Susan Howell Hall on September 19, 2013. The entire CIAU faculty warmly welcomed over 160 guests, including President Charles Edmondson, students and faculty from AU, ASC, and the Alfred community.
The festivity began with performance of Tai Yi Swimming Dragon by the Tai Chi Group, and followed of the solo Swimming Dragon Sword by Master Liu. The high point of the gala is "Under The Silver Moonlight" vocal music and guzheng duet. Alfred University soprano Professor Luanne Crosby and guzheng musician Zhongbei Wu of CIAU have mesmerized the whole audience.  
The event ended with CIAU presenting a T-shirt with Chinese characters to every guest.


Aug 30 - CIAU Teachers attend the Chinese Language Teacher Workshop at the University at Buffalo Confucius InstituteAug 30 - CIAU Teachers attend the Chinese Language Teacher Workshop at the University at Buffalo Confucius Institute

From August 30 to September 1, the Chinese Language Teacher Workshop offered by the UBCI was held at Buffalo University. CIAU faculty Tao Peng, Huiyang Li (Lee), Daisy Wu, Jessica Liu, Yanjie Yin, Emma Wang, Katie Wang, Rosa Luo, and Rose Hu, including three new members, Tulip Chen, Olivia Wang and Yanfang Song, attended this workshop.  With the goal of enhancing Chinese language teaching in Western New York, this workshop covers J-1Scholar issues, K-12 schools in the US, the New York education system, standards, curriculum and testing, and classroom management. Ways to teach Chinese through demo teachings by experienced local teachers were offered. The entire faculty took an active part in each session and enjoyed the discussions and sharing of experiences among the teachers.


Aug 26 - Guzheng Performance at Open HouseAug 26 - Guzheng Performance at Open House

On August 26, Richard Lopez gave a guzheng performance at the Open House in the SmithIII Theatre at AU. This show was meant to attract more students to learn to play the guzheng.






Proposal for software development to Hanban official approved - HSK interactive software has been official approved by Hanban.


July 14 - Summer Camp in North Street Elementary School in GenevaJuly 14 - Summer Camp in North Street Elementary School in Geneva

From July 14-18, the CIAU-sponsored Summer Camp was held at North Street Elementary School. Sixteen students participated in the 4-day program. CIAU faculty, Daisy Wu, Tai Chi master Guifang Liu, Rose Hu, and Lisa Zhang set up the program, and Jessica Liu, Rosa Luo, and Jeff Yin assisted them with the classes. Topics such as calligraphy, paper-cuts, guzheng, and Chinese Kung Fu were introduced to the students, who were all enthusiastic about each one.

July 5 - Performance at Buffalo UniversityJuly 5 - Performance at Buffalo University

On July 5, CIAU faculty Daisy Wu presented a guzheng performance at Buffalo University, with the cooperation of Mrs. Hong Zhang, vocal music professor at Binghamton University. The concertwasa part “China and India: Comparisons and Connections”, a 3-week National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute organized by the UB Department of Asia Studies and the UB Confucius Institute.



June 22 - Summer Journey to the Rocky MountainsJune 22 - Summer Journey to the Rocky Mountains

From June 22 to July 4, all CIAU faculty went on a sight-seeing trip to the Rocky Mountains. Everyone experienced much joy and beauty amid the splendid scenery and cultures of the west.






June 12 - Visit of Professor Weibing Tang to AUJune 12 - Visit of Professor Weibing Tang to AU

From June 12 to15, Professor Weibing Tang, President of Hunan University of Commerce, visited AU. Accompanied by CIAU Director Wilfred Huang, he visited the Confucius Institute office and the Confucius House. The contribution of CIAU guzheng teacher Daisy Wu was much appreciated as the support of Hunan University of Commerce to CIAU. Professor Tang and AU President Charles Edmondson held a meaningful conference to discuss ways to expand the cooperation between the two universities.  Afterwards, Provost William Hall, Associate Provost Nancy Evangelista, CIAU Director Huang, CIAU Associate Direct Carla Coch, and CIAU Director from CUG in Wuhan, Professor Tao Peng enjoyed a welcoming dinner with Professor Tang in the Powell Campus Center.



June 7, Alumni ConcertJune 7- Alumni Concert

On June 7 and 8, CIAU faculty Daisy Wu and Professor Luanne Crosby from the Division of Performing Arts presented two concerts of Chinese songs for returning alumni, which were most thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.









May 13, Alfred Tai Chi ClassMay 13 - Alfred Tai Chi Class

From May 13 to June 21, the Alfred Tai Chi class was open to the community. All the members are thrilled that Master Guifang Liu has come back Alfred. The spring class focused on reviewing the Yi jin jing, Five-animals and the 24-forms Tai Chi movements. From July 15 to August 30, the summer classes continued to review and to learn more Kung Fu movements. Every morning from Monday to Friday, more than 30 members have been engaged in practicing Tai Chi under the expert direction of Master Fang.


Naples Elementary SchoolNaples Elementary School

In May, CIAU faculty Jeff Yin taught the vocabulary for certain household items in Chinese. Students also learned Peking Opera facial makeup and watched a video of a face-changing performance. In June, Jeff taught students to design and make a small Chinese book to help them review specific knowledge points. At the end of the semester, they were given a final examination.
From July to August Jeff Yin met teachers from North Street Elementary School in Geneva to work out a schedule for the Chinese curriculum for the next academic year.


North Syracuse Central School District

CIAU faculty Emma Wang and Katie Wang continued their 6th grade Chinese classes at Gillette and Roxboro Middle Schools. Topics on currency, Kung Fu Panda, education, animal zodiac, dates and days, and Chinese instruments and folk music were introduced during the two months. The students were delighted with their new experiences with Tai Chi, calligraphy, paper-cuts, and Chinese knots.   


North Hornell Elementary SchoolNorth Hornell Elementary School

Kindergarten students reviewed the vocabulary of fruits, animals, and body parts. CIAU faculty Lisa Zhang and Rosa Luo used the Promethean board to interact with students, which was well received by them. Grade 1 students were introduced to new words for sports in Chinese such as soccer, basketball, baseball, ping pong, and swimming. A video of the ping pong contest of the 2008 Olympic Games was shown in the class, and students were excited to play the game themselves.


Geneva North Street Elementary SchoolGeneva North Street Elementary School

During the month of May, CIAU faculty Jessica Liu taught students how to describe furniture and other household items in Chinese. On Mother’s Day, she told some Chinese stories about filial piety. In addition, students also experimented with Peking Opera facial makeup and watched a fascinating video of a face-changing performance. In June, she taught students to design and make a small Chinese book. At the end of the semester, students were given a final examination, and they performed very well.


May 3 & 8 - Kids to College Program

May 3 & 8, Kids to College ProgramOn May 3, approximately 65 kids came from Wilson Middle School attended the lecture offered by CIAU. The lectures focused on Chinese traditional art form-Beijing Opera, and mainly introduced the costumes, instruments, gestures, movements and four types of roles of Beijing Opera. The students took an active part in the interaction. Some of them tried the Chinese traditional music instruments, including Chinese drum, gong, small cymbals, double-barreled cylinder, and also performed and imitated the fictitious movements in the Beijing opera, like going upstairs, downstairs, opening and closing door, etc. The students got a lot of fun from those experiences which were totally new for them, and became interested in Beijing opera. CIAU Chinese Director Tao Peng and faculty members Lee, Daisy, Rosa, Rose and Lisa attended this activity. The activity came to the end by Daisy’s Guzheng show “Evening songs on the fishing boat”, which received rounds of applauses by the students.


March 8, Kids to College ProgramOn Mar 8, 25 6th graders from the Olean Central School experienced a Chinese paper-cutting class. CIAU faculty member Lisa Zhang gave a paper-cutting demonstration. Students first appreciated the delicate Chinese paper-cutting works. The “snake” paper-cutting works on the New Year Calendar aroused their interests, and they practiced cutting double “Xi” and window-flowers then. Some students showed their talents when cutting Chinese traditional window flowers.



Visit by China ConsulateApril 21 - Visit by China Consulate

On April 21, China consulate from New York, Quansheng Chang, Jianqing Liu, Haiming Sun visited CIAU at Confucius House.
Director Dr. Huang and Chinese Director Prof. Peng introduced to them the development and prospects of CIAU. Faculty members also talked about their life and work here at CIAU. The achievement made by CIAU and the hard work of CIAU faculty members were
highly recognized by consulates. Consulate Quansheng Chang expressed his hope to maintain contacts with all the teachers and wish all the teachers a happy time in the US.




HSK Test April 20 - HSK Test

On April 20, CIAU faculty members Huiyang Li, Rosa Luo, Lisa Zhang and Rose Hu successfully administered the HSK test (Chinese
Language Proficiency Test) in writing. This is the first time that CIAU conducted the test online and 8 students took the tests.



Visit from Rochester Early College International School

April 19 - Visit from Rochester Early College International School

On April 19, approximately 100 students from Rochester Early College International School visited Alfred to experience
Chinese traditional arts -Beijing opera. At the beginning, a video of Beijing opera “Rainbow Gate” was showed to students and then CIAU faculty Rosa generally introduced Beijing opera, including its history, main art forms, music and some fictitious props in Beijing opera. Then, Rosa introduced 4 types of roles (Sheng, Dan, Jing, Chou), including the vocal techniques, costumes, make-ups, gestures, movements, even personality and temperament of the four roles. At the end, 4 groups of students came to the stage to imitate the movements of the typical characters in Beijing opera. This activity was well received by the students and a lot of students expressed their interest in learning Beijing opera.


Alfred around the World

April 6 - Alfred around the World

On April 6, Alfred around the World, a large scale performance by students at AU, was held in Harder Hall. AU Guzheng Ensemble performed a famous Guzheng musical piece—Evening Song on the Fishing Boat at the beginning and won cheerful applause from the audience. The members of the Ensemble are students from Daisy Wu’s Guzheng class.




December 16 – 18, Global Confucius Institutes ConferenceApril 4 - From Mahjong to Chinese Philosophy of Life

On April 4, Dr. Ning Yang from the Confucius Institute at George Mason University delivered a speech entitled From Mahjong to Chinese Philosophy of life in Nevins Theater at Alfred University. Dr. Yang talked about the origin of Mahjong and discussed about the deep influences Mahjong gave to Chinese people and the society. She also illustrated Mahjong from a cultural perspective. After the lecture, seven guests tried playing Mahjong with CIAU faculty members at Confucius House under the instructions of Dr. Yang. This event was highly appreciated by people attending the lecture.




HSK Interactive Software Development Meeting March 31 to April 2 - HSK Interactive Software Development Meeting

From March 31 to April 2, the second meeting on HSK Interactive software development was held in Confucius House at Alfred University. Faculty members of CIAU gathered together and presented their text drafts at different levels respectively. Discussions were carried out as regard to the content of the texts and valuable suggestions to revise were put forward too. This meeting
helped CIAU faculty members to further their understanding of interactive software and moved this project forward with great progress. The next meeting will be held at the end of May.


Reception for Chinese Folk ArtsMarch 29 - Reception for Chinese Folk Arts

On March 29, the reception for Chinese Folk Arts was held in Knight Club at Alfred University. New-realism Chinese papercutting works and stone-carving works of Shoushan were presented in the reception. Artists from China also did demos later in the reception. Guests were amazed at the delicate art work and appreciated the skills and efforts displayed in the work. President Charles Edmondson and Provost Bill Hall attended this reception and exchanged gifts with Chinese artists.




March 28 - Demo of Chinese Paper-cuttingMarch 28 - Demo of Chinese Paper-cutting

On March 28, a demo of Chinese papercutting and stone-carving of Shoushan was held in the Mini Gym of North Street Elementary School in Geneva. About 150 students from 3 grades attended this event. Students first appreciated Chinese paper-cutting works and then stopped by demo booths, where artists were presenting how to do paper-cutting and stone-carving. The demo was well received by students and teachers of the school.




March 17 - Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency CompetitionMarch 17 - Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition

On March 17, two students, Shannon Cirulnick and Richard Lopez from Chinese 102 and 202 classes took part in Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition (New York Preliminary) at Pace University in NYC. There were 28 contestants from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, who showed their Chinese proficiency and talents. Shannon Cirulnick and Richard Lopez did a wonderful job in the competition. In addition, Shannon’s father and Richard’s mother came to support their children. They hoped that AU could offer more chances for their children to improve language skills and broaden their horizon as well.



Reports from Schools:

Geneva North Street Elementary SchoolGeneva North Street Elementary School

During the month of March, CIAU faculty member Hui Liu taught students body parts in Mandarin. Students were motivated to participate in the learning through moving and pointing to their body parts. In addition, a China Day was held in North Street Elementary School, during which the 3rd grade students of North Street School exhibited their fantastic work with enthusiasm. Prior to this event, Hui Liu introduced some cities and famous historic sites for students to better prepare their show.




North Syracuse Central School DistrictNorth Syracuse Central School District

During March and April, CIAU faculty members Emma Wang and Katie Wang gave enrichment classes to 6th grade students at Gillette and Roxboro Middle Schools for the 2nd year around. The lessons have covered a wide range of topics, including personal identity , home, family members, profession, table manners, food and drinks, number counting, Beijing Opera, etc. More than 50 students participated in Chinese learning during their study hall periods. They began to get to know some basic Mandarin Chinese. Learning Chinese is a fun experience for them. The music teacher at GRMS, Ms. Seamans invited the teachers to present to her 5th graders about Beijing Opera. The kids were fascinated with the singings, costumes and facial paintings. They displayed their artworks of the painted faces in the hallway.


North Hornell Elementary SchoolNorth Hornell Elementary School

CIAU faculty members Rosa Luo and Lisa Zhang taught all the kindergarteners body parts in Mandarin by teaching them two popular Chinese children’s songs “Two Tigers” and “If you are happy ” . The students also used the body parts they have learned to puzzle a panda’s head. Besides the body parts, they learnt family members in Mandarin, the story “little tadpoles finding their mother” and the
hand making” fold a house”. Asking the students to draw their family in the house highly motivated their passion for learning Chinese.
The 1st grade students learnt all kinds of food and compared Chinese food with American food. They also learnt to use “I like “and “I don’t like” to talk about the sports. Ping-Pong ball was brought in the class, and students have experienced this popular Chinese sport and some even showed their talents in this sport. Chinese traditional kite was brought into the class also. Both kindergarten students and 1st graders learnt about Chinese kite and they each made a simple one with the 2008 Olympic mascot on it.

Naples Elementary School Naples Elementary School

During the month of March, CIAU member Jeff Yin taught students colors and body parts in Mandarin Chinese. Coloring of Peking opera facial makeup was made to better motivate students’ participation, followed by an introduction of Peking opera. Students were also fascinated with games to expand their vocabulary of body parts. They were asked to follow directions on body parts movement wearing a facial makeup. In April, Jeff Yin taught students how to express items in a house in Chinese, including some commonly used furniture, rooms and pets. Drawing house layout and playing word card game were for students to better understand and
memorize words with fun.


February 23 – Multicultural Event at Montessori School

On February 23rd, the Alfred Montessori School held its 2nd annual Multicultural Event. Daisy Wu performed on the guzeng, and Huiyang Li performed tai chi with people from the community who have been studying the ancient practice for over a year under the guidance of Master Fang (I forget Daisy’s mom’s full name).  The group went through the “Yijingjing” warm-up exercises, charmingly portrayed the “Five Animals”, and finished with the more complicated “Swimming Dragon.” Finally, Daisy and her daughter Candy taught the audience “You and Me”, the theme song of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

February 22 - Chinese Corner

Beginning on February 22nd, students in Chinese 102 and 202 at AU have participated in a Chinese Corner for one hour each week. The conversation events take place at the Confucius House (102 students) and Pearlman 218 (202 students).

February 19 - Spring Festival in Corning, NY

On February 19th, CIAU faculty members Rosa Luo, Lisa Zhang, and Rose Hu sang “May Love Last Forever” in Sullivan Park as part of the Corning Chinese Association-sponsored celebration of the New Year.

February 10 - CIAU Meeting

On February 10th, all members of CIAU met to discuss the Chinese textbook project which is overseen by the Hanban in Beijing. The textbooks are based on the HSK proficiency exam syllabus which uses Smart board applications. Last year, the HSK Level 1 text was completed, and now HSK Levels 11, 111, and 1V are in preparation. The series is expected to be completed by the end of June.

February 9 - Spring Festival at Alfred University

On February 9th, CIAU sponsored the annual Spring Festival celebration enjoyed by faculty, students, and members from the surrounding community at Susan Howell Hall. Guests participated in a variety of interactive cultural activities on the 2nd floor: writing down New Year’s wishes in Chinese, learning their zodiac animal sign, trying their hand at paper-cutting, kicking a shuttlecock, and enjoying the guzheng performance. Before dinner downstairs, Provost Bill Hall gave a welcoming speech. Then host Margret Wilson introduced Garrett Borden, Gillian Guizzotti, and Richard Lopez, who gave a presentation about the Year of the Snake. Shannon Cirulnick, Jordana Carlson, and Jennifer Rhoades showed both talent and skill with songs in Mandarin from pop and folk traditions. Everyone enjoyed the bountiful and delicious food brought from Rochester by CIAU directors Wilfred Huang and Peng Tao.

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