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December 16 – 18, Global Confucius Institutes ConferenceDecember 16 – 18, Global Confucius Institutes Conference

The 7th annual Global Confucius Institutes Conference was held in Beijing from December 16 to 18. CIAU Director Wil Huang was a presenter; his subject was how to create a model Confucius Institute.

At the event, CIAU had a booth displaying the software for teaching Mandarin based on preparing for the HSK test and using smart boards; this software has been developed by the School of Arts and Communication at China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, CIAU’s partner institution.


HSK Proficiency TestDecember 2, HSK Proficiency Test

CIAU instructor Lee arranged for his Chinese 101 and 102 students at AU to take the official HSK Language Proficiency Test, which was offered last year for the first time. At Level One, 14 students participated, and 4 students took the Level Two test in Perlman Hall. Lee was assisted by three other CIAU faculty: Rosa Luo, Lisa Zhang, and Rose Hu. In the evening, all students were treated to a festive dinner of dumplings and hot-pot made by teachers and students and held in the Confucius House.



November 13th Guest Lectures in RochesterNovember 13th Guest Lectures in Rochester

Three CIAU faculty members, Tao Peng, Daisy Wu, and Rose Hu, were invited to present at the Rochester Early College International School on November 13. Master guzheng player Daisy Wu gave a scholarly talk about her traditional stringed instrument and played songs, including “Jasmine Flower” to the delight of the audience.




CIAU-Sponsored Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) Programs at Alfred University

CIAU-Sponsored Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) Programs at Alfred University, Alfred-Almond Central SchoolDecember 7 – Fifty students from the Alfred-Almond Central School District came to AU for a 3-hour long immersion in Chinese culture and language. They practiced calligraphy and enjoyed experimenting with playing the guzheng. During a break, the students had a lot of fun trying to use chopsticks.





CIAU-Sponsored Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) Programs at Alfred University, Belfast Central SchoolNovember 28 – Daisy Wu, Rosa Luo, Lisa Zhang, and Rose Hu offered a program for 13 students from Belfast Central School that featured calligraphy and folk songs with Daisy’s accompaniment on the guzheng.






CIAU-Sponsored Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) Programs at Alfred University, Canaserago Central SchoolNovember 7 – Eighteen 6th graders from Canaseraga Central School visited the Confucius House where they learned about the guzheng, sang the “Jasmine Song”, and played the instrument themselves. In addition, the students practiced the traditional Chinese folk art of paper-cutting and made snowflakes and the “double xi” sinogram.





CIAU-Sponsored Kids to College Program at Alfred UniversityCIAU-Sponsored Kids to College Program at Alfred University

November 15 – The Powell Campus Center’s Knight Club was the venue where 27 Wellsville Central School students were introduced to a wide range of Chinese crafts and culture.  CIAU faculty member Lee (Li, Huiyang) gave a calligraphy demonstration featuring the traditional “4 treasures of the scholar’s study” after which the students tried their hand with the brush. Daisy Wu, Rosa Luo, Rose Hu, and Lisa Zhang assisted with these activities which were all much appreciated. This event was part of the “Kids to College” program with which CYLI is affiliated.


Reports from Schools:

Geneva North Street Elementary SchoolGeneva North Street Elementary School

All elementary students taught by Jessica Liu learned to count, name their family members, and say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in Mandarin. They were taught the cultural underpinnings of family traditions, how Christmas is celebrated in China, and how to play jianzi, a traditional kicking game.




Gillette Road Middle School and Roxboro Road Middle School, N. SyracuseGillette Road Middle School and Roxboro Road Middle School, N. Syracuse

All 6th graders studied the history of the ancient Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE) and the building of the Great Wall of China. The students learned how to sing “Happy New Year” in Mandarin and were introduced to Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) traditions in China by their CIAU teachers Katie Wang and Emma Wang. They were invited to 5th grade music class twice to give a presentation about Beijing Opera. The young children were amused with the characters, costumes, painted faces, and singing of the artistic form in China.



North Hornell Elementary SchoolNaples Elementary School

Taught by CIAU faculty member Jeff Yin, the after-school Chinese classes continued during November through December. During these 2 months, students learned how to count in Mandarin and how to hold and write with the “maobi” or writing brush, with which they painted traditional lotus flowers and leaves; their work was then exhibited on the walls in the hallways. The students were delighted to learn how to sing “Happy New Year” in Mandarin and to understand the different ways Christmas is celebrated in China and in the US.



North Hornell Elementary SchoolNorth Hornell Elementary School

CIAU faculty member Rosa Luo taught all kindergarteners to count and to name common colors in Mandarin. She used a song called “Number One” as a way of helping students remember numbers and added another popular children’s song “Two Tigers” with words and dance moves. The youngsters learned about the Dragon Boat Festival and hand-built and colored their own model dragon boats.

First-graders learned more advanced numbers and grammar constructions to identify objects by means of a children’s story about a kitten that goes fishing. Another song, “Finding Someone to be a Friend” included acting and dancing which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

September 14 "Melodies of China" ConcertConcert

“Melodies of China” was a gala concert of instrumental and vocal music held in the Miller Theater and sponsored by the CIAU.Musicians from the Chinese Performing Arts in North America troupe, Binghamton University, and Alfred University performed with exceptional artistry. Professor Stephen Crosby, chair of the AU Performing Arts Department, gave opening remarks to the audience of more than 200 students, teachers, community members and school administrators. Two renowned and very gifted virtuosi, Hu Jianbin, who played the hand-held, pipe-like instrument called a sheng, and Bao Jian, who played a flute-like instrument called a guanzi, gave thrilling performances of folk tunes. CIAU faculty and member of the AU Music Department Wu Zhongbei, known to all as Daisy, played lively solos on the guzheng, and mezzo-soprano Zhang Hong from Binghamton University sang a medley of Chinese folk songs, each of which she introduced to the audience. The audience left with knowledge of the breadth of Chinese folk music andof the incredible skill of the musicians.

September 29 Mid-Autumn Festival GalaMoon Festival

For the 4th year, CIAU and AU’s ISSO sponsored a gala celebration of the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year’s theme of “Harvest” featured enchanting decorations of seasonal fruits and vegetables. More than 120 people from AU, ASC, and the community joined in the festivities which began with the following performances: folk songs by Chinese 101 students Jordana L. Carlson, Alexander A. Harder, Yukari Kitamura, Jennifer L. Rhoades, and Jacob R. Arduino; recitation of the classical poem “Shui Diao Ge Tou” by Chinese 201 students Garrett A. Borden, Richard G. Lopez, and Margaret H. Wilson; intricate guzheng melodies by Daisy Wu and her AU students; and a flawless 24-step tai chi demonstration. Afterwards, everyone shared Chinese food provided by CIAU and capped off with traditional moon cakes and a warm sense of family-like community.

October 16th Tai chi ProgramTai Chi

CIAU faculty member Li Huiyang, mentor for the Alfred group of tai chi practitioners, attended a dinner meeting sponsored by the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Wellsville, who were interested in tai chi in general and especially in its health benefits. Several regular tai chi community members gave introductory remarks followed by group demonstrations of the 24-step and swimming dragon ritual movements. The audience tried a few of the movements and showed eagerness to learn more about tai chi – and join the group which meets daily at 9 am in Alfred.




October 24 CYLI ProgramCYLI 1

CIAU faculty Daisy Wu, Li (Lee) Huiyang, Lisa Zhang, and Rose Hu led a program for more than 20 students from Bolivar-Richburg Central School. Chinese calligraphy and folk songs accompanied by Daisy on the guzheng were highlights of the outreach program which will be followed by another one on November 7th.



HSK Registration

In October, 17 test-takers registered to take the HSK Level I Language Proficiency Test, and several students registered to take the HSK Level 3. The test will take place on December 2nd in 105 Perlman Hall.

Reports from Schools:

North SyracuseNorth Syracuse School District where CIAU faculty Katie Wang and Emma Wang taught a Survey of China unit in the 6th grade Social Studies classes at the Gillette Road and Roxboro Road Middle Schools. More than 600 students were introduced to a wide array of subjects about China including geography, population distribution, agriculture, official languages, land reform, climate, regional foods, and an overview of the spoken and written language.





GenevaGeneva North Street Elementary School students in grades 3 to 5 began weekly lessons in Mandarin in October. CIAU faculty Hui Liu taught communication skills such as introducing oneself, greetings, and asking names. The youngsters are enthusiastic about the class, particularly the games that reinforce their language acquisition.






NaplesNaples Central Elementary School launched Mandarin classes on October 12. Taught by CIAU faculty Jeff Yin, the classes are held after school for students in grades 3 to 6. The 4 tones, greetings, naming family members, and the like constituted the beginning classes supplemented by interactive games, which the students greatly enjoyed.






HornellNorth Hornell Elementary School began Chinese classes on September 17 taught by CIAU faculty Rosa Luo and Rose Hu. Focused on listening and speaking skills plus introduction to Chinese culture topics, the classes are attended by 273 students: 7 kindergarten classes and 5 first grade classes. Greetings, colors, numbers, geography, and family members are several of the subject areas covered.




North Hornell Elementary School

North Hornell Elementary School
CIAU faculty members Margaret Lin and Rosa Luo used the Smartboard technology to teach a unit on clothing vocabulary. Interactive games reinforced the new Mandarin words and enabled the elementary students to have fun while learning. They brought samples of traditional clothes for the youngsters to try on, introduced the Chinese game “playing shuttlecock”, and featured opera masks in their June 8th closing class.






Roxwell Middle SchoolNorth Syracuse School District
In May and June, Emma and Katie Wang continued Chinese enrichment classes at Gillette and Roxboro Middle Schools with the sixth graders. In addition to language teachings, their presentations covered panda, Beijing Opera, Kung Fu, Chinese currency, etc. Classes concluded on June 15th. The students were fascinated with the Chinese culture and language. They hoped to learn more about ancient and modern China. They are also proud to be able to speak some words and sentences in Chinese.





Summer Tai Chi ClassesSummer Tai Chi Classes
Expert master Liu Guifang taught Tai Chi classes every weekday morning to dozens of members of the Alfred area community. During fair weather, the group met in front of the Bandstand where Master Liu and her translator and demo assistant Yenfen (Iris) Huang patiently took the group through every one of the 24-step practice which requires grace, balance, and rhythmic breathing. In addition, Master Liu taught a more advanced group the sequence known as the Swimming Dragon. A video was made at the end of the summer; it can be viewed on you-tube. The participants, of all ages and abilities who continue to meet daily for Tai Chi exercises, are most grateful for the opportunity to learn a ritual so representative of Chinese culture and so healthy for body and soul.



2012 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for American High School student2012 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for American High School student
CIAU has organized a group of 5 students together with a chaperon from Windsor High School, NY to attend the 2012 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp held in China. Students set out from JFK Airport on July 14th and arrived at Changzhou, Jiangsu Province on July 15th.  Changzhou Senior High School is the base for this year’s summer camp program for CIAU group.  Students learned the fundamentals of Mandarin, Chinese music, calligraphy and paper cutting in the summer camp.  They also had some wonderful cultural experiences including a visit to a canal village, silk factory and dumpling factory. The group left for Beijing on July 25 and did some sightseeing there. The whole group returned to US safe and sound on July 29th.  Lisa Milana, chaperon of the trip said that, “China is AMAZING and I hope to visit again some day.”



CIAU Summer CampCIAU Summer Camp
The Summer Camp was held from July 23 – 27 on campus. Faculty included Peng Tao, Shirley Zhu, Li (Lee) Huiyang, Daisy Wu, Katie Wang, and Emma Wang, who were assisted by 2 volunteers from the University of Pennsylvania who are getting their certification in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. The age range of participants was wide, but everyone felt they had learned a lot about Chinese language and culture – and everyone had a very good time.





Farewell party to teachers returning to ChinaFarewell party to teachers returning to China
On July 27th, CIAU threw a farewell party for instructors Margaret Lin, Jenny Wang and Ronald Zhang who have finished their service terms at CIAU and are returning to China at the end of July. Director Dr. Huang confirmed their contributions to the development of CIAU and the achievement they have attained during their stay at Alfred. All faculty and staff attended the party and sent them best wishes in the future.





Chinese Language Teacher Workshop at U.B. Confucius InstituteTeachers in CIAU attednd the Chinese Language Teacher Workshop at the University at Buffalo Confucius Institute
The Chinese Language Teacher Workshop offered by the UBCI was held from Aug 24-26 at Buffalo University, teachers in CIAU (Tao Peng, Huiyang Li, Daisy Wu, Emma Wang, Katie Wang) including four new members ( Yanjie yin, Hui Liu, Lisa Zhang and Rose Hu)  attended this workshop. With the goal of enhancing Chinese language teaching in Western New York, this workshop covers J-1 Scholar issues, US K-12 Schools, the U.S. and New York State education system, standards, curriculum and testing , classroom management in American language classrooms, teach Chinese through story-telling as well as sample lesson demos by experienced local teachers. Wendy Zhou, the assistant professor of Confucius Institute and College of Education at Michigan State University made a lecture about how to teach Chinese through stories gave all the teachers a deep impression and inspiration.  The aspiring Chinese Language teachers took an active part in each part of the session and enjoyed the discussion and sharing of the experienced teachers.

Guzheng Demo and Book Display at Avon Central School District
On April 24, Daisy Wu gave two Guzheng demos at the middle school and elementary school of Avon Central School District. Students has listened to the play of this traditional Chinese music instrument and connected to the lecture of Chinese folk music given earlier. Many students and their parents attended the Demos and they were deeply impressed. Principal of the Middle School Mrs. Miller and Principal of Elementary School Mr. Lupisella participated in the Demos and gave high praises to CIAU teachers. At the same time, a Chinese Book Display was held on site as well. The books for display are all from the library of CIAU, including books about Chinese calligraphy, painting, Beijing opera, character, etc. The display will last 3 weeks at Avon.


Chinese Painting Lessons at AlfredChinese Painting Lessons at Alfred
Xuerong (Sharon) Wang, member of Association of Women Artists in Quzhou, Zhejiang Proinve of China, is visiting Alfred University. CIAU has invited her to offer Chinese painting lessons to the community at Confucius House once every week. She has demonstrated and taught people how to draw birds and flowers in traditional Chinese painting. Her patience and expertise won positive feedbacks from the community at Alfred. Xuerong also held the first solo exhibition of her Chinese paintings at Alfred University.


Guzheng students had a performance in Student recitalGuzheng students had a performance in Student recital
On April 29, Guzheng students from Daisy Wu’s Chinese music Guzheng class at Alfred University took part in the student recital of the AU Division of Performing Arts. Students played 4 pieces of Chinese folk music and did a successful performance in Miller Theater.

Lecture for AU’s Global Studies Students
On April 18, Li Huiyang gave a lecture about Chinese language and culture at the invitation of Professor Robert Myers in the Social Science Department at AU. Li talked about the Mandarin language system, both pronunciation and writing, and about agricultural-based festivals, traditional music, and Chinese painting with an emphasis on spatial perspective. A lively Q & A followed his talk.

HSK Test
On April 14, CIAU faculty Shirley and Lee successfully administered the HSK test of Mandarin proficiency in speaking and writing.


Confucius Institute Conference in Washington, DCConfucius Institute Conference in Washington, DC
From April 11 – 15, most of the CIAU faculty attended the Hanban-sponsored conference for all Confucius Institutes in North America.


2-AU and Naples Guzheng Ensembles Performed in A2A ShowAU and Naples Guzheng Ensembles Performed in A2A Show
On April 7, the AU Guzheng Ensemble and the Naples Elementary School Guzheng Ensemble gave a wonderful performance in Alfred to Asia (A2A), which is one of the largest multicultural annual events in Alfred. The members of these two Ensembles are students from Daisy Wu’s Guzheng classes. AU Guzheng Ensemble played two pieces of Chinese folk music, and the Naples Guzheng Ensemble played two American Kids Songs. Their performance won applauses from an audience of around 400 people.


Guzheng demo in Harley SchoolGuzheng demo in Harley School
On April 3, CIAU music teacher Daisy Wu gave a Guzheng presentation in Harley School, Rochester. Daisy introduced the traditional Chinese musical instrument, Guzheng, to the students and played several pieces of famous Guzheng music to them. The students, teachers and parents, more than 200 people enjoyed the Chinese music presentation.

Women of the World Conference Day
On March 31, Margaret participated in the Women of the World Conference sponsored by AU’s Women’s Leadership Center. Invited by the Center’s Stefanie Landman, Margaret introduced the culture of Inner Mongolia and performed a traditional dance from her home province.


2-Tai Chi Demo at the Harley SchoolTai Chi Demo at the Harley School
On March 30, CIAU’s Huiyang Li enthralled the audience of about 200 students and teachers with a demonstration of the 24-step Tai chi routine. In the auditorium decorated with images of the Great Wall, pandas, Taishan, and the like, Li continued the show with pantomimes of various animals whose names the students had a great deal of fun guessing. Li’s assembly culminated a week-long celebration of China at the Harley School. CIAU’s Program Manager Shirley Zhu was asked by Harley Principal Terry Lee to present a program, so she invited Li whose performance was enthusiastically received.


2-Early College International School Visits AlfredEarly College International School Visits Alfred
On March 30, approximately 100 students from Rochester gathered in the Nevins Theater to experience an introduction to the Chinese language and culture. CIAU faculty presented a 3-part presentation: first, a video of Shanghai today followed by Rosa’s statistical overview of China today and after which she took questions from the students; second, Daisy introduced the guzheng, played intricate folk songs, and taught a group of 6 students to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”; finally, Rosa and Margaret taught the entire group to sing and perform “Happy New Year” in Mandarin. The event concluded on a festive note with 100% audience participation.


1-Alfred’s Montessori School Multicultural Event DayAlfred’s Montessori School Multicultural Event Day
On March 24, The Montessori School sponsored a community-wide day to celebrate cultural diversity. Montessori Executive Director invited CIAU faculty Margaret and Daisy to participate. First, Margaret introduced the culture of Inner Mongolia and then performed the “Toast Dance” in her local costume. Next, Daisy’s mother Guifang Liu demonstrated tai chi, followed by her daughter and granddaughter Candy who sang the “Jasmine” song accompanied by Daisy on the guzheng. Everyone in the audience learned to sing along. Daisy’s solo on the guzheng ended the presentation which generated much applause and warm letters of appreciation.


1-Visiting Calligraphy Artist Xinshi TuVisiting Calligraphy Artist Xinshi Tu
On March 22, Tu is the president of Rocky Mountain Area Chinese Calligraphy Association, honorary chair of Chinese-Japanese-Korean Calligrapher & Painter’s Coalition, and editor-in-chief of the Chinese American Post, which is based in Denver. Mr. Tu, master calligrapher and teacher in Boulder, CO, gave several workshops about Chinese calligraphy at Alfred University and Genesee Valley School District. In the afternoon, Mr. Tu also gave a public lecture in Nevins Theater where he discussed different brushwork styles and showed his own work and that of his students.

Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition
The third annual Chinese Bridge Proficiency Preliminary Competition was held at AU on March 17. CIAU Director Wilfred Huang gave opening remarks followed by a summary of rules for the 2 groups of competitors: junior level and senior level with each contestant expected to make a speech and a performance of some kind. The judges were CIAU’s Director from CUG in Wuhan Peng Tao; Sidney Greenblatt, immediate past president of the Central New York Fulbright Association; Qu Yuan, Director of the Chinese Language and Culture Program at Corning, Inc.; and Dr. Eric Yang, Executive Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Buffalo. The wide range of speeches was given including personal memories of studying Chinese, Chinese cuisine, and idioms. The performance segment, too, showed both creativity and diversity. Carrie Buck and Ye Seul Chae were declared the winners. CIAU’s Huiyang Li and Rosa Luo served as MC’s this year with Peng Tao and Shirley assisting. Seventeen students from AU participated in the event. Two students from SUNY Binghamton were chosen to go on to further competition in New York City.


 Kids 2 College ProgramKids 2 College Program
On March 15 – 16 and March 22 – 23, CIAU cooperated with the Kids 2 College Program, which is a grant-funded program hosted by Alfred University that brings area middle and high school students to campus for hands-on educational experiences aimed to encourage college matriculation in the future;  this program is under the auspices of the Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) which has collaborated with CIAU in the past. In March, students came to the Confucius House each morning where CIAU faculty Huiyang Li, Margaret Lin, Ronald Zhang, Daisy Wu, and Rosa Luo gave presentations on calligraphy, paper-cutting, songs, the guzheng, and contemporary life in China, respectively. Feedback for the sessions was very positive.


2-Guzheng Demo in Genesee Valley Central SchoolGuzheng Demo in Genesee Valley Central School
On March 2, Guzheng demo was held at the auditorium of Genesee Valley Central School. Margret Lin first used slides with pictures to show students the traditional Chinese musical instruments such as bamboo flute, Chinese bamboo xiao, erhu and etc. Then Daisy Wu explained the basic structure of Guzheng and played several pieces of Guzheng music. Students from 3rd to higher grades were so excited that they volunteered to play Guzheng under the instruction of Daisy Wu. Daisy Wu further talked about the appreciation of Chinese folk music especially to students in school bands. Chinese Director Tao Peng also presented at the demo and this demo was broadcast to the whole school to watch.


2-Tai Chi ClassesTai Chi Classes
Master teacher Guifang Liu has returned to Alfred and offers 2 hour-long classes 5 days a week in McLane Center– one for beginners and another for advanced students. She is teaching the 24-step program. In addition, she offers a technically more difficult workshop in Howell Hall several afternoons per week.


Avon Central SchoolsAvon Central Schools
About 50 high school and 120 middle and elementary students have been studying Mandarin since the beginning of the academic year. On April 24, Daisy gave a Guzheng demonstration for the younger students whose parents were also invited to the presentation. A display of books in Mandarin has opened at the school and will stay up for 3 weeks.


Genesee Valley Central SchoolsGenesee Valley Central Schools
Students from 3rd to 6th grades began to learn Mandarin with jenny Wang at the beginning level including how to ask simple questions and answers concerning name, age, nationality, family members, etc. The cooking class of the high grade also began, in which students would have an overall understanding of the Chinese cuisine art such as the main cooking methods, the eight major cuisines and the basic criteria of appreciating Chinese dishes. Students were excited and had fun in cooking themselves.


2-Hornell City SchoolsHornell City Schools
In March and April, Rosa Luo is still responsible for teaching language to students while Margaret Lin takes charge of introducing Chinese cultures at North Hornell Elementary School. The themes of language are “family members” and “clothes” in these two months. Sentences are gradually taught with students’ mastery of words. Activities and practice on Smart Board were also made good use of, which make the classes more attractive to students. The culture parts cover a more detailed introduction to modern China, paper-cutting and other various craftworks. Students have a lot of fun from learning Chinese cultures.


Naples Central SchoolsNaples Central Schools
Ronald has been teaching vocabulary by means of songs in the elementary school. His students are preparing for a concert in June. At the high school level, students have finished Book 1 in the “Learn Chinese with Me” series and have mastered about 500 Mandarin words.


3-North Syracuse Central SchoolsNorth Syracuse Central Schools
North Syracuse Central Schools – CIAU faculty members Katie Wang and Emma Wang began Mandarin classes on March 5th for 6th graders at Gillette and Roxboro Middle Schools in the N. Syracuse District. Their introductory lessons have covered a wide range of topics including greetings, sinograms, and the pinyin system. Their classes take place during study halls and will continue until the end of the semester.


Windsor Central SchoolsWindsor Central Schools
Teaching of Chinese and Chinese culture now comes to A. F. Palmer Elementary School in Windsor. Topics cover a wide range including Chinese folk music, traditional Chinese musical instrument, folk art and sport, modern cities and historic places in China. Chinese characters and calligraphy, Chinese pinyin and simple greeting words were also incorporated within the teaching. Chinese language class also started at Windsor High School for one session each week. Students who are taking the class will attend the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp held in China this summer.

North Hornell Elementary School Classes
CIAU faculty members Margaret Yang and Rosa Luo expanded the curriculum to include activities featuring the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year): new songs, Zodiac animals, the Lantern Festival, and topical dances are among the additions. Students enjoy learning Mandarin and are proud of the art work and calligraphy they can bring home to their parents.


STOP HERENorth Syracuse School DistrictNorth Syracuse School District
CIAU faculty  members Katie Wang and Emma Wang have been teaching the 6th graders at the Gillette Road Middle School and Roxboro Middle School how to address family members in Mandarin, among other conversational skills. In February, Katie and Emma gave a 1 and a half hour presentation for 9th graders in their Global History class where  such topics as the teachings of Confucius, Daoism, the civil service exam in imperial times, the invention of gun powder and block printing, Tang and Song dynasty cultures, geography, and ancient traditions were covered. More than 700 students enjoyed the presentations. Katie and Emma made 50 lanterns that were hung around all participating schools for Spring Festival.


Genesee Valley Central School
CIAU faculty member Jenny Wang has been introducing students in grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 to Chinese music, particularly Chinese instruments and Chinese opera featuring renowned singer Mei Lanfang. Other subjects covered are the Chinese zodiac and New Year Festival, the Lantern Festival, and special food dishes at this time of year. In addition, Jenny has team-taught the 9th grade geography class with emphasis on the brilliant achievements of the Tang Dynasty such as the protectorates and tributaries of Tang , Confucianism, Buddhism, Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang on the Silk Road, the flowering of art and invention.

Windsor District 1Windsor District
CIAU faculty member Jenny Wang taught a unit on animals to the Bell Primary School elementary students and continued with a focus on vocabulary for parts of the body. High grades students learned about the 4 major inventions from China and traditions of the Spring Festival. Lantern-making, paper-cutting, and certain poses involved in the martial arts were featured as well. All students simultaneous learn how to write the words they are learning in Chinese Sinogram. In February, the Palmer Elementary School students began a unit on the 4 tones in Mandarin Chinese geography knowledge, Spring Festival traditions and highlights of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.


Naples Central School DistrictNaples Central School District
CIAU faculty member Ronald Zhang has been teaching about Chinese history and culture in the high school social studies classes. In addition, he teaches students in grades 1 – 6 who are learning to count  and tell time in Mandarin. Students have enjoyed playing Bingo in their new language, singing Chinese songs, and learning about the seasons and how to talk about the weather.


Journalist Philip Cunningham Comes to AlfredJournalist Philip Cunningham Comes to Alfred
Writer, newspaper reporter, and TV commentator Phil Cunningham came to AU for 2 days: on Feb. 21, he gave a public lecture entitled “China Media Inside and Out”, and on the next day, he visited Chad Harriss’s Communications class on Ethics in Media. Currently a Visiting Scholar at Cornell University, Cunningham is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, and Thai in addition to English. He has appeared frequently on CCTV-9 on the program “Dialogue” hosted by Yang Rui. In his lecture, he gave a 1st-hand look at what it means to report news from China today.


Sichuan University Troupe Performance in CorningSichuan University Troupe Performance in Corning
On February 19, a troupe from Sichuan University put on a lovely, exciting variety show in the Corning Museum of Glass Museum to a full house in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Co-sponsored by the Corning Chinese Association and CIAU, the show featured song, dance, pipa playing, and most exciting of all – a face-changing actor gifted in Sichuan’s signature style requiring the split-second change from one colorful face mask to another. The show opened with welcoming remarks by Bill Hall, AU Provost; Zhu Xianming and Qu Yuan, co-chairs of the Corning Chinese Assoc., and the mayor of Corning. CIAU directors Wilfred Huang and Peng Tao along with associate director Carla Coch and all the CIAU faculty and their families attended the performance. This is the 3rd year the Confucius Institute Hanban in China has brought such a show to Corning – and the 3rd year CIAU and CAA have co-sponsored the event.


Guzheng Performance in CorningGuzheng Performance in Corning
On February 7th, CIAU faculty member Daisy Wu and her guzhen ensemble featuring Allen Edward, He Wanrui, and Douglas David gave a delightful performance in Corning Inc.’s Sullivan Park as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The event was organized by the CCA (Corning Chinese Association) and was very well-received by the appreciative audience.

Famed Artist Xu Bing Comes to Alfred
On February 6, Xu Bing, Macarthur Fellow, Artist, and administrator at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, gave a lecture at AU entitled “My Nutrition and My Method.”  Invited under the auspices of the School of Art and Design, Xu Bing talked about his ways of using written text, emoticons and other symbols, and nonsense sinograms to challenge our ideas about language and communication. CIAU director from Wuhan Peng Tao, Carla Coch, and CIAU faculty also attended Xu Bing’s lecture.

Gala Dinner Held at Alfred UniversityGala Dinner Held at Alfred University
CIAU sponsored a festive dinner for the entire community on January at Susan Howell Hall. CIAU faculty prepared special dishes from their hometown region, and people moved from table to table on the 2nd floor of Howell Hall to sample each offering. Daisy Wu and her guzhen ensemble entertained everyone with elaborate melodies played on the guzheng, and a film about China was shown on a large screen. Guests came downstairs to enjoy delicious food brought by CIAU directors Wilfred Huang and Peng Tao from Rochester. Everyone shared a warm family feeling and left the evening well-fed and content.


Daisy Wu teaching Alfred Guzheng classChinese New Year Celebration at North Hornell Elementary School
On January 27, 2012, CIAU sponsored a gala New Year’s Festival at N. Hornell Elementary School. Margaret Lin and Rosa Luo organized the event which brought together the 280 kindergarten and 1st grade students who are studying Mandarin. The celebration began at 9 a.m. with opening remarks by Mrs. Kramer. The younger students wore duck hats and held dragon fans they had made, and the 1st graders wore tiger hats and showed off their hand-made dragon boats. CIAU guzheng master and music teacher Daisy Wu performed both Chinese and American folk songs and invited the audience to pluck the guzheng. Margaret described the Spring Festival traditions in China, and Rosa led the youngsters in counting and reciting words they have learned in Mandarin. It was a very festive and much-appreciated event which closed with everyone singing Happy New Year together.


Daisy Wu teaching Alfred Guzheng classAlfred University (Shirley Zhu and Daisy Wu)
Eighteen students are enrolled in Chinese 101 this semester. Shirley Zhu has arranged for them to take the 1st-level HSK test in December.
Daisy Wu is teaching MUSI 200 a guzheng class in AU’s Music Department this semester.



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