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2010World Expo Shanghai Visit

October 22-25, 2010-World Expo Shanghai Visit
AU President Charles Edmondson and Dr. Laura Greyson were invited by Hanban and China University of Geosciences (CUG) to visit the World Expo in Shanghai on October 22-25, 2010.  The vice president of CUG also came to meet them in Shanghai.  Both universities have agreed to establish a new center, the U.S.-China Joint Institute for Change Management, in April 2011.

August to December, 2010-Chinese 101 at Alfred University
On August 23, 2010, Margaret Lin (Lin Yang) began teaching Chinese 101 at Alfred University. This is a 4-credit course designed to develop students’ language skills in Mandarin and promote cultural understanding of China. There are 13 students in the introductory class.


August to December, 2010-Chinese 200 at Alfred University
On August 26, 2010, CIAU teacher Rebecca Fan (Fan Luwei) began teaching Chinese 200 at Alfred University. In this course, students will not only develop Chinese language skills, but also gain a cultural understanding of China and Chinese. By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in speaking and reading Mandarin, improve problem-solving abilities in real-life situations, learn to recognize and write Chinese characters on the basis of a good grasp of the pronunciation system, and understand a vocabulary of around 350 Chinese words for use in basic daily communication.

October 30, 2010-Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Visit
On October 30, 2010, CIAU Associate Director Carla Coch met with Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Director of International Affairs OuyangXiaosheng to discuss the possibility of presenting a program about the Chinese porcelain culture in Alfred and upstate NY next spring. Her visit is a follow-up to one made last summer by CIAU Director Wilfred Huang and faculty from China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, CIAU’s partner institution, to lay the groundwork. The project is still a work in progress.

Hornell Central School District ProgramAugust to December , 2010-Hornell Central School District Program
CIAU teacher Jenny Zhang is in charge of teaching 3rd graders, 108 students in all, at the Intermediate School in Hornell this fall semester. Every student has been learning Mandarin since kindergarten and can play games and sing songs in Chinese. Tuesday mornings at 7:45 am, Jenny and a second Mandarin teacher meet to choose teaching materials and discuss methods to establish efficiency and to collaborate in order to build an effective Mandarin program.





Chinese Language Course at Naples High SchoolSeptember to December,2010-Chinese Language Course at Naples High School, Naples, NY
On September 8, 2010, Rebecca Fan began teaching Chinese 101 at Naples High School this fall semester. She attended the Naples Central School District Board of Education meeting where she was introduced to the Naples community by Superintendent Kim Ward. Fan supplements the course by incorporating a variety of activities, such as a presentation of Chinese culture, hands-on art activities, role-playing, and food tasting in order to engage 1st-year students’ interest in learning about Chinese language and culture. In the course, students develop communication skills in Mandarin, gain knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, make connections with other disciplines, and develop insight into the nature of language and culture through comparisons with their own. A Mandarin class will begin at Naples Elementary School soon, and a class in music featuring the guzheng, a type of dulcimer, will start in December taught by CIAU teacher Daisy Wu (Wu Zhongbei).



North Syracuse Central School District

September to December,2010-North Syracuse Central School District
In September, CIAU teachers Shirley Zhu and Alice Li launched the Chinese Exploratory Program at the North Syracuse Central School District with classes every Thursday at the Roxboro Road Middle School and every Friday at the Gillette Road Middle School. They taught 6th grade social studies classes to introduce China and its geography and 7th grade LOTE (Languages Other Than English) classes to introduce the Mandarin pronunciation system. In total, 1522 students have attended their classes. Later this semester, Zhu and Li are scheduled to teach the Global Studies course in North Syracuse Junior/Senior High School.




Union -Endicott Central School District ProgramSeptember to December,2010-Union-Endicott Central School District Program
Last April, CIAU and the Union-Endicott Central School District agreed to launch an Exploratory Chinese Language and Cultural Awareness Program to begin in the 2010-2011 school year. This fall, the program began on September 16, 2010. Situated in western NY State, the Union-Endicott schools have a total enrollment of 4,650 students with one primary school (K-3rd grade), one intermediate school (grades 4-6), 3 elementary schools (K-5th grade), one middle school (grades 6-8), and one high school (grades 9-12). The District also offers a SPARK enrichment program (grades K-6) and Advanced Placement courses.

CIAU teacher Clair Cao (Cao Huan) is running the U-E District Chinese program with classes 2 days/week during Sept. and Oct. plus an after-school Chinese Club for junior high students once a week. She has supplemented the introductory language program with a variety of cultural activities including paper-cutting, Chinese knot-making, calligraphy, folk music, and Chinese cuisine - all of which have engaged the enthusiastic students in learning about Mandarin and Chinese culture.


Windsor Central School District ProgramSeptember to December,2010-Windsor Central School District Program
Beginning on Sept. 13, 2010, CIAU teacher Clair Cao launched a Chinese language and culture program in the Windsor Central School District where she had begun a Chinese Exploratory Program in the district’s 5 schools the previous year. The current program is concentrated in the high school with each student taking 4 scheduled classes two days per week. The students are enthusiastic about studying Mandarin and learning about China’s culture. Cao also attended an Advanced Placement Language Teacher Training Program with other language teachers from Binghamton area schools.




Children and Youth Learning Initiative at AUSeptember 16th,2010-Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) at AU
Jenny Zhang and Margaret Lin hosted 30 students on September 16th and 15 students on September 30th, all from Allegany County, participating in the CYLI program at AU. During the 3-hour session, students learned useful phrases for basic communication and took a virtual tour of 4 major Chinese cities; in addition, they had fun practicing Chinese calligraphy, trying their hand at paper-cutting, and using chopsticks to eat food served at the end of the program.

September to November,2010-Corning, Inc. Business Chinese Class
Shirley Zhu has finished teaching an intermediate short course in Business Chinese at Corning, Inc. For the final class, students demonstrated what they had learned over the previous 2 months and exchanged ideas about the program, which they found very useful and challenging. They expressed interest in continuing to learn and practice Mandarin in the future.

Mid-autumn FestivalSeptember 24th, 2010-Mid-Autumn Festival
On Sept. 24, 2010, the CIAU held the annual Mid-Autumn Festival dinner titled “A Date with Chang’e” at Susan Howell Hall. The dining area was decorated with red lanterns by ISSO students and CIAU teachers. About 120 people from AU and the community attended; they heard poems by Li Bai recited by Chinese 101 students, watched a short performance, and enjoyed a raffle of door prizes. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the delicious Chinese buffet followed by a variety of moon cakes for dessert.