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January - February

2019 Chinese New Year Gala at AU Knight Club
Audience enjoying the show On February 8th, the Confucius Institute at Alfred University hosted its annual Chinese New Year Gala in the Knight Club. More than 300 people from Alfred University and surrounding communities attended the gala to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Pig.

AVI Chef preparing Chinese food Dragon Dance presented by AU students kicked off the Spring Festival Celebration at 5 p.m. After that, Meghan Dwyer, the assistant to AU Provost Dr. Rick Stephens, gave welcome remarks. She warmly extended her congratulations to Daisy Wu as the new director of CIAU as well as her best wishes to the guests for the coming year.

The Alfred Tai Chi class brought performances of Swimming Dragon and Swimming Dragon Fan. Afterward, folk dancer Haiqiu Ma displayed Chinese “Younger” dance. Also an 11-year-old boy amazed everyone with his Shaolin Kung Fu skills.

The highlight was the three Lucky Raffles inspired by a traditional Chinese New Year Red Envelope custom. Six winners received lucky money to start the new year off well.

The gala show ended with a classical Chinese song, “Usuli Boat Song” by AU Chorus. After the show, everyone enjoyed the bountiful and delicious Chinese food prepared by AU AVI.

The entertaining performance, delicious cuisine, and joyous atmosphere were enjoyed by all.


2019 Tai Chi Demonstration in Wellsville
Group Photo of Tai Chi Family On Feb. 2nd, Guifang Liu and Alfred Tai Chi group were invited to give a Tai Chi demonstration class at the David A. Howe Public Library in nearby Wellsville. This was one of the exciting 2019 spring festival activities supported by CIAU. More than 40 people participated in the Tai Chi class, including members from Theresa's Tai Chi class. Their demonstration was well received and informed residents bout Tai Chi.


Chinese Culture at the Hornell Public Library
Children and Parents Enjoying Papercutting On the afternoon of Feb. 19th, there was a celebration of Chinese culture in Hornell, a community close to Alfred. The Chinese Director of CIAU, Dr. Jijun Yu, led a team to visit Hornell Public Library at the invitation of Margaret Potter who is in charge of the children's department at the library.

The library was beautifully decorated with lanterns and Chinese knots since the event happened to fall on the Chinese Lantern Festival. The audience warmed up by dancing with the folk dancer Ma. The young kids and their parents greatly enjoyed demonstrations of traditional dresses, cheongsam (Qipao) and Han Chinese dress (Hanfu). Afterward, everyone got involved in traditional Chinese papercutting. The young kids were amazed to find themselves making paper cutting artworks 春, which means “spring”. And finally, everyone learned to speak Chinese in groups. The highlight was the demonstration of the traditional Chinese New Year Red Envelope. The young kids were so excited to receive red envelopes with Chinese coins inside to enrich their collections.

The event ended with warm greetings and goodbyes in Chinese after two lovely hours. The participants were very grateful for the beautiful program.


CIAU Holds a Conference for its Members
Group photo of people staring at a presentation The CIAU meeting was held at Confucius House on February 9th, 2019. Nineteen Chinese language teachers and volunteers attended the conference.

The meeting consisted of three sessions. After Prof. Jijun Yu, Chinese Director of CIAU, gave an overall review of CIAU’s work during the past six months, the teachers from the four school districts reported and shared their teaching, cultural presentations, and community service. All the teachers showed their patience, teamwork, and specific teaching strategies both inside and outside the classroom. Prof. Daisy Wu, Director of CIAU, concluded the morning session by talking about the upcoming work plan for 2019.

In the afternoon, two workshops were hosted by Ms. Wang and Ms. Zhang, focusing on those challenging aspects in classroom management, teaching methods, and multicultural communications for the teachers. Everyone was actively involved in sharing their successful experience, which helped each other in their daily teaching and life.

In the evening, Daisy Wu and Prof. Yu interviewed the teachers. They asked the teachers about their difficulties, and encouraged them work together for a better new year.


Bishop Kearney High School
Class photo Principal Jason participated in calligraphy This was the first time for the school to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It took two days to celebrate the festival. On February 5th, 11 Chinese class students threw a Chinese New Year party. They enjoyed fun games in the Chinese classroom, including fun ping-pong, chopsticks game, number guessing, paper-cutting, calligraphy, shuttlecock kicking competition, Chinese culture trivia, lucky draw and other activities. Those who completed 6 activities were awarded a package of spicy dry tofu and a red envelope (with Chinese knot inside). The principal and some teachers also participated in the games. The game judges were five Chinese international students from the school. Both the Chinese and American teachers and students celebrated the 2019 Spring Festival together in a festive atmosphere.

On February 6th, we invited the students all over the school to celebrate the New Year in the Chinese classroom. They played three games: pin-pong, shuttlecock, and chopsticks.

Ms. Tao, the Chinese teacher, sent 30 New Year cards for the teachers of the school, when they joined in the Chinese New Year celebration in her classroom.


Geneva City School District
The Year of the Pig On January 29th, CIAU teacher Ms. Ding, told the story of Chinese animal zodiac to the Chinese Immersion 2nd graders at Geneva North Street School. After they knew that the year 2019 was the Year of the Pig, every student made a pig handcraft. Meanwhile, they also wrote the greetings in Chinese, such as, “Happy New Year”, “May you be happy and Prosperous”, and “Good Luck”.

Chinese wall Before Chinese New Year’s Eve, the students learned about the Chinese legend on what people did to scare away the monster “Nian” to celebrate the new year, by hanging on red lanterns, putting on couplets on doors, making paper-cutting and so on. They also experienced these traditions and every student had a wonderful time.

On February 5th, the Chinese New Year’s Day, Ms. Ding cooked the dumplings by herself for Chinese Immersion 2nd graders. The assistant principal, teachers and students gathered together to celebrate the Chinese New Year in her class. They also learned how to use chopsticks and found it really fun. They loved the dumplings so much. One of the students, Francis asked, “Ding Laoshi, can we eat the dumplings once every week?”

The assistant principal and students
learning to use chopsticks At the same time, Ms. Ding gave lucky money to every student. They were very excited to open their red envelope and find real Chinese money in it. Every student knew that those who received a red envelope are blessed with another safe, peaceful, and lucky year. They show great enthusiasm for the tradition of the Chinese New Year.

Tasting dumplings On Valentine’s Day, Ms. Ding’s class learned about Chinese Valentine’s Day. They listened to the Legend of Love and were deeply moved by the story of the Cowherd (Niulang) and Girl-weaver (Zhinv). They compared American Valentine’s Day and the Chinese version. Finally, they made Valentine’s gifts to their loved ones, with “I love you” written in Chinese on them.

Since Chinese New Year was coming, on January 25th, Ms. Mengqi Gu told her students the story of Chinese zodiac sign. Students were interested in this story and excited to figure out their own zodiac signs. They also learned how to say the names of the twelve animals in Chinese. To help students remember these words well, Ms. Gu taught her students to sing the song of Chinese zodiac sign and students loved it so much that they sang the song all the time. One of the students even said that he couldn’t stop singing this song because it was just in his head all day.

Lucky money Because of the year of the pig, on February 1st, Ms. Gu’s students made pink piggy hand-crafts with paper plates. Students loved it and they were so concentrated on making their own pig artworks.

Valentine’s gifts On February 5th, Ms. Gu told the story of the monster “Nian” and the students were interested in this story. They learned that the monster “Nian” was afraid of three things, which are the color red, loud noises and bright light. After listening to the story, students drew a picture about the story of the monster “Nian” and even made “Fu” to scare “Nian” away.

On February 6th, Ms. Gu received a New Year card from her student Calla, which was made by Calla herself. Calla designed the card with Chinese characters “Happy New Year”, and wrote down her Chinese name at the bottom. Every character she wrote is so clear and neat.

It was on February 7th that the school district held the Chinese New Year Night. Ms. Gu’s students were so excited on that day. They asked her again and again “Is it Chinese New Year tonight?”

Kid with chinese calligraphy They got so surprised to get lucky money from their teacher. And they showed off around to ask other classes, “Do you have Chinese money?”

At that night, the students came to the auditorium in North Street School to celebrate Chinese New Year together. They wore their red clothes and their pig head bands. They had a lot of fun.

As the Spring Festival was around the corner, Ms. Song decorated the Chinese wall with many lovely pink piggy handcrafts in the middle since it was the year of the pig this year. Everybody could figure out their zodiac animal with a zodiac circle there. And the different colors and shapes of lanterns showed a happy year it would be.

Students made and demonstrated their pink piggies These days our kids loved singing Chinese songs like Gongxi Gongxi (Wish you joy and happiness) when they colored the pictures. Every time they sing and dance with the video, I feel so glad to see that they immerse themselves into the songs.

We had a completely different Valentine’s Day on February 14th this year. In the eyes of kindergarteners, anybody and anything they love will be their Valentines: their parents, friends, teachers, pets, plants, etc. They can show their love by means of words, gifts, and help to their valentines. Some kids said they would be good helpers to their mums when they saw mums cooking. That is really great to have this kind of Valentine’s Day.

Drawing with chinese calligraphy January and February are the time for the new year celebration. So Ms. Na Wang made a special teaching design, including watching some videos about the legends of Chinese New Year, some programs for kids in the Spring Festival Gala, introducing some new year food, such as dumplings and noodles, learning to sing Happy New Year in Mandarin, and speaking new year typical Chinese greetings: “Gongxi” (Wish you joy and happiness), “xinnian kuaile” (Happy New Year).

Lucky money Geneva school district holds a Chinese New Year Celebration annually, and this year’s celebration fell on Feb. 7th, a paws night at North Street School. The principal assistant of NSS, Heather, had us Mandarin teachers get together to discuss how to make preparations for the celebration several times in January. The school district provided such support as the event locations and volunteers, and we Mandarin teachers had to do the rest. With the help of CIAU, we successfully made a 2-hour long celebration, with more than 300 attendees from the school district and the community. Fingerlakes Times, the local media, made a special report on the celebration.

Ms. Gu and her students On Feb. 1st, Ms. Zhang taught the Chinese characters about zodiac animals, and the 3rd and 4th graders watched a video about the story of the 12 animals. Ms. Zhang asked the students some questions after they finished watching it. Students showed great interest in it, and discussed the questions actively.

Couplets on the classroom wall On Feb. 2nd, Ms. Zhang put the Chinese characters on the word walls in 4 different immersion Chinese classrooms. Classroom 102 attracted both students and teachers, who stopped by to figure out their own zodiac animals. The word walls became very popular.

Ms. Zhang decorated her classroom for the Chinese Spring Festival. On the New Year’s Eve, she invited her students to give their best wishes to the Chinese friends in Chinese through a social media application called Wechat. All the students enjoyed their time very much.

On Feb. 7th, Mrs. Zhang led students to perform a program in the school auditorium. The 3rd and 4th graders wore beautiful clothes and sang two songs: “Washing in the morning” and “Happy New Year”. Their lovely performance won applause from the audience.

On Feb. 15th, Ms. Zhang invited the 3rd and 4th graders to play Ping-pong and tasted Chinese dumplings made by herself. All the students were so excited and happy that they all enjoyed the cultural experience a lot. They told Ms. Zhang that they wanted to do it again.

Kids rehearsed for the singing Kid holding a drawing Students learning about Chinese New Year
Decorating the School Chinese Immersion students sing Chinese
songs People sitting around a table
Playing a chinesse instrument Kids doing arts and crafts around a table Classroom decorated for the chinese new year
The year of the pig The 3rd and 4th graders made pig artworks and desplayed them on the Chinese New Year wall Students on a stage


Northstar Christian Academy
NCA principle, Mr.Boshnack, receives a red envelope CIAU teachers, Ms. Wenfang Gao and Yang Yang in Northstar Christian Academy organized a wonderful and unique Chinese New Year celebration in the school.

Mr. Boudrias and Security agent John help out with lanterns From February 4th to 8th, the two Chinese teachers brought K-6th grade students a different cultural experience in each class, by making pink piggy handcrafts, paper-cutings for window decoration, the Chinese character "spring", painting ink pigs, writing Chinese calligraphy, making red envelopes, tasting Chinese snacks, etc.

On February 13th, the two teachers, with the help of Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Daby and Ms. Wilson, launched a variety of workshops for the Spring Festival cultural experience in high school. The activities included tasting Chinese food, making red envelopes, and playing table tennis, badminton, mahjong, checkers and shuttlecock, chopstick competition, paper-cutting, calligraphy and more.

1st graders’ artwork, 'Pink piggy' Chinese checkers and Majiong Chopstick competition


North Syracuse Central School District
Woman infront of chinese fans Chinese New Year Month officially began in January. All the students were very excited for this month's colorful activities, which would get them closer to the Chinese traditional culture.

Kids holding up their drawings Our activity began with the legend of "Nian" (Year), the origins of Chinese New Year. The children were curious about the monster "Nian", its image and power.

The students also learned about the traditional customs of the animal zodiac and learned more about Chinese culture.

On February 4th, the Chinese New Year's Eve, the 5th and 6th graders of Gillette Road Middle School celebrated Chinese New Year in the gym together, enjoying paper cutting, using chopsticks, doing calligraphy and playing shuttlecock. The event lasted whole day long, with about 200 students and teachers involved. Mrs. Norton, the head of the Chinese program of the North Syracuse School District, and Mr. Leahey, the principal of Gillette Middle School, visited the event and experienced Chinese culture. Through this activity, teachers and students shared the joy of the Spring Festival, the most important holiday in Chinese culture. At the same time, American teachers and students learned more about traditional Chinese festivals and culture.

Kids showing off their paper lanterns On February 13th and 15th, the 5th and 6th graders in Roxboro Road Middle School celebrated the Chinese Lantern Festival together. The students learned about the New Year and Lantern Festival customs, showed their Chinese works, and took part in a series of fun activities. They enjoyed red envelopes, chopsticks, sugar-cutting, paper-cutting, lanterns, riddles, face painting, and Chinese calligraphy. We also designed the lucky raffle of the lucky star on the spot. The students as well as some teachers and staff visited and participated in the event. The assistant principal Ms. Costello came to our celebration during her busy schedule, and pushed the celebration to a climax by drawing lucky prizes for the lucky star students.

On February 14th, we were invited by Ms. Green, the teacher of Roxboro Road Elementary School to talk about the Chinese New Year culture to the third graders. After the children learned about the story of the Nian (Year), they made Chinese lanterns. All the children are absorbed in the legendary charm of Chinese culture and the joy of the Chinese New Year.

On January 14th, CIAU teachers Ms. Yun Wang and Ms. Baike Zhang visited North Syracuse School District for a workshop. They talked about how to do the culture and history presentations in social studies classes, focusing on what and how to present. Thanks to their workshop, when we started our culture presentations to the 6th graders in February, the rich teaching contents and lively teaching methods received warm welcome and high praise from both students and teachers.

Kids showing their drawings Kids being shown a chinese lantern People sitting around a table for a workshop


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