Board of Directors

Beth Ann Dobie, Provost of Alfred University - Chair

Charles Edmonson, President Emeritus of Alfred University

Terry S. Galanis, Trustee of Alfred University

Laura Greyson, Trustee of Alfred University

Wilfred Huang, Professor Emeritus and Retired CIAU Director

Xulong Lai, Vice President of CUG - Deputy Chair

Yiqun Gan, Dean of International Education School, CUG

Lijun Zhang, Deputy Dean of International Education School, CUG

Partner Institute

China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China



Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu profile pictureZhongbei (Daisy) Wu
Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu is an award-winning Guzheng (a traditional Chinese instrument) artist and Visiting Associate Professor of Music in Alfred University. She received her B.A. in Hunan Normal University and her M.A. at the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts. Her research interest is Musicology, Music Education and Ethnomusicology. She has been teaching Chinese music and Guzheng courses in the Performing Arts Division of Alfred University for 10 years. She is the founder and artistic director of Alfred University Guzheng Ensemble, and she is the judge of New York Chinese Musical Instruments International Competition. She has held hundreds of concerts and lectures in China, U.S. and Canada, including China Central TV Station in Beijing, Carnegie Hall in New York, the National Press Club in Washington DC, and the United Nations Headquarters.

Assistant Director

Susan Steere profile pictureSusan Steere
Susan Steere studied Ceramic Science and Physics at Alfred University, receiving B.S., B.A., and M.S. degrees. Since 1986, her career has centered around caring for her family and teaching her children at home. Now that they have finished high school, she teaches mathematics at Alfred State College and is active in the Almond 20th Century Club, which provides a public library for the community and other civic groups. Thanks to her Latin-teacher mother, a college semester spent in Germany, and many friends from Asia, she has always had an interest in languages and cultures and in helping people from other countries. Susan feels honored to assist the faculty of the Confucius Institute with English translation.

Visiting Research Scholar

Tao Peng profile pictureTao Peng
Tao Peng is a Visiting Research Scholar at College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Confucius Institute at Alfred University. He was Professor of Law and Director of Legal Affairs and at China University of Geosciences for 4 years. He got his PHD of Civil Law in 2008. He has had rich international experiences, having been a visiting scholar at Warsaw University (2000), Michigan State University (2004), Alfred University (2013). His research interests include law and global study, focusing on comparative studies of the legal aspect of higher education.

Visiting Professors

Yun (Katie) Wang profile pictureYun (Katie) Wang
Yun (Katie) Wang is a visiting professor teaching Chinese language courses at Division of Modern Languages of Alfred University. She was an instructor in the Foreign Languages School of Liaoning Normal University. She received her degree from Northeast Normal University in Jilin Province. She has been teaching both English and Chinese for over thirty years.

Huiyang Li profile pictureHuiyang Li
Huiyang Li is a visiting professor teaching Chinese at Division of Modern Languages of Alfred University. He is from Hanqiao Language Institute of Gansu Province, China. He have taught Chinese at Khartoum University, Sudan and Kabul University, Afghanistan. From 2011-2015 he worked at Alfred University as the same position. He was the awarded Membership of ΦΣι International Foreign Language Honor Society at AU in 2014, as well as a researcher of Center for Afghanistan Study of Lanzhou University.

Visiting Teachers

Xiaochao (Natasha) Tao profile pictureXiaochao (Natasha) Tao
Xiaochao (Natasha) Tao is a visiting teacher working for Chinese language and culture at Northstar Christian Academic in Rochester (Rochester, NY). She was teaching Mandarin in Rochester Bishop Kearney High School for two years and the Dual Language Program at North Street School in Geneva City School District (Geneva, NY) for one year. She has obtained her Master's Degree of Arts in Education Administration from Jiangxi Normal University in 2008. She taught English at Nanchang Xinjian District No.5 Middle School in China for 22 years. She is interested in Chinese literature and painting.

Yanping (Lena) Chen profile pictureYanping (Lena) Chen
Yanping (Lena) Chen is a visiting teacher teaching Mandarin classes at North Street School in Geneva City School District (Geneva, NY). She had taught English at Linquan No.1 High School, Anhui Province,China for 8 years. She is always curious about everything in the wonderful world. She is an energetic, out-going, hard-working and optimistic person who loves travelling, running, playing the cucurbit flute and paper-cutting.

Chuyue (Avril) Zhang profile pictureChuyue (Avril) Zhang
Chuyue (Avril) Zhang is a Mandarin exploratory teacher for Geneva Middle School in Geneva City School District (Geneva, NY). She has been an English teacher for 13 years in No.2 Senior High School of Liaohe Oilfield, Panjin, Liaoning province. She loves calligraphy, drawing, dancing, and never stops exploring.

Leyi Zhong profile pictureLeyi Zhong
Leyi Zhong is a visiting teacher teaching Mandarin classes in North street school in Geneva City School District in New York State. She has been teaching in a high school in Hunan province for 16 years. She once taught Chinese and Chinese culture in London as well. In 2016, She taught Chinese and Chinese culture in the Basic international Academy in Nevada. In 2017, She taught Chinese immersion program in the Syracuse junior and High school in Utah. She likes spending time with students and feels joyful to see the students’ progress in Language learning. She loves traveling, playing badminton, skiing, hiking, swimming, and singing karaoke.

Yan (Arya) Jiang profile pictureYan (Arya) Jiang
Yan (Arya) Jiang graduated from Southwest University in Chongqing with a master's degree in Teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. She has eight years of Chinese teaching experience. Currently she is teaching Mandarin classes as a visiting teacher at North Street School in Geneva City School District, NY. She advocates using games to stimulate students' interest in learning, so that students can experience the joy of learning Mandarin. Arya Jiang has many hobbies, such as playing guitar, guzheng, practicing calligraphy, and playing badminton.

Shuping (Rachel) Song profile pictureShuping (Rachel) Song
Shuping (Rachel) Song is a visiting Mandarin teacher for Lewiston Porter Central School District. She worked in the same school from 2016 to 2019. She has obtained her Master Degree of Arts in Teaching Chinese as A Second Language from Northeast Normal University in 2014. She worked in Dong-A University for one year.

Jing Wu profile pictureJing Wu
Jing Wu is a visiting Mandarin teacher of St' Joseph's Collegiate Institution in Buffalo, NY. She is an experienced educator for more than 20 years with great enthusiasm. She has been teaching English and American culture and language in China for many years and taught Chinese culture and language at Northstar Christian Academy from 2014 to 2017. She is the first Chinese teacher of the school and designed the Chinese Language courses for K to 12, as well as Chinese AP class. Her teaching was highly praised by the school board and widely welcomed by the community. Cross-Cultural communication and translation are her specific areas of interest.

Di (Dandy) Wu profile pictureDi (Dandy) Wu
Di (Dandy) Wu is a visiting teacher and currently teaching Mandarin at Northstar Christian Academy in Rochester, NY. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University in China in 2017. She taught at Zhongshan Middle School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province since 2017. She loves Chinese literature, the Chinese traditional Instrument (Guqin), Chinese chess and sports (tennis and table tennis).