Board of Directors

Charles Edmonson, President of Alfred University (retired)

Terry S. Galanis, Trustee of Alfred University

Laura Greyson, Trustee of Alfred University

Fang Hao, Vice President of CUG - Deputy Chairman

Changqian Ma, Dean of International Education School

Rick Stephens, Provost of Alfred University - Chairman

Lijun Zhang, Deputy Dean of International Education School

Partner Institute

China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China



Dr. Wilfred V. HuangDr. Wilfred V. Huang
Director of Confucius Institute at Alfred University and Professor Emeritus of Management Information Systems. Dr. Huang received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and received M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo. His research interest is e-business, systems modeling and entrepreneurship.



Chinese Director

Dr. Jijun Yu (Andy)Dr. Jijun Yu (Andy)
JijunYu (Andy) became the third Chinese director of CIAU in July, 2016. He was previously the associate dean at the School of Arts and Communication, the founding chair of the Department of Journalism and Communication, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (CUG). He has also been a visiting professor of the Bryant University, USA, and a visiting scholar at the University Of Manchester,U.K. Since1992, Andy has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language to international students. His research field is intercultural communication, literature and environmental studies. He has authored four books and over twenty scholarly papers. He has hosted more than twenty research projects and won three China's state level research awards and one state level teaching award.



Associate Director

Zhongbei (Daisy) WuZhongbei (Daisy) Wu
Zhongbei (Daisy) Wu is an award-winning Guzheng (or Chinese Zither, a traditional Chinese instrument) artist. She is a member of Chinese Musicians Association, the Judge of National Guzheng Performance Level Examination of China. For her teaching achievements, she received two ‘National Awards of Excellence in Teaching’ in China. She began teaching in Alfred University in 2010, and she is now the Associate Director of the Confucius Institute at Alfred University, the Visiting Associate Professor of Music in the Performing Arts Center of Alfred University, and the Artistic Director of Alfred University Guzheng Ensemble. She has held more than 100 guzheng performance concerts and Chines music lectures in the US and in Canada.

Assistant Director

Susan Tsteere, Associate DirectorSusan Steere
Susan Steere studied Ceramic Science and Physics at Alfred University, received B.S.,B.A. and M.S. degrees. Since 1986, her career has centered around caring for her family and teaching her children at home. Thanks to her Latin-teacher mother, a college semester spent in Germany, and many friends from Asia, she has always had an interest in languages and cultures and in helping people from other countries. Now Susan feels honored to assist the faculty of the Confucius Institute with English translation.


Liping (Lucy) DingLiping (Lucy) Ding
Liping (Lucy) Ding graduated from Henan University, majoring in English. Her grades were excellent. She is interested in making Chinese knots, paper-cutting, and listening to music. She is skillful with computers. She loves to participate in charity activities and to help people in need. She has been teaching Chinese and English for more than three years. She really loves this job, and she gets along very well with children. Teaching students has been and will always be her passion. And she always believes that where there is a will, there is a way. Her research interests are Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Standard Mandarin Teaching and Cross-cultural Communication. She will try her best as a Chinese teacher at CIAU.

Linyun (Linda) Gao profile pictureLinyun (Linda) Gao
Linyun (Linda) Gao graduated from Wuhan University where she majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and got a master’s degree in 2010. She has been a teacher in elementary schools for more than 20 years. During that time she taught music, Chinese and English successively. She has also worked as a classroom teacher for a long time. She has won many awards in Chinese and English teaching competitions. She has also won excellent classroom teacher awards twice. She is passionate about education.

Wenfang (Doris) GaoWenfang (Doris) Gao
Wenfang (Doris) Gao graduated from Yuncheng University in 2008 and has taught English as a second language in China for nine years. Over that time, Mrs. Gao has taught many students who had a strong desire for learning English. This strong desire and passion matched her own. Doris is energetic and fun-loving, with a great sense of humor. Your day will definitely be made better if you have a chance to spend time with Mrs. Gao.

Mengqi (Sharon) GuMengqi (Sharon) Gu
Mengqi (Sharon) Gu was an undergraduate student at the College of Arts and Sciences of Sichuan Normal University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English in 2011. Since then, she’s been teaching high school English for six years. Teaching has given her the chance to make progress and the chance to share with students. With a passion for teaching, she is determined to be a good teacher at CIAU.

Sheng (Scarlett) LinSheng (Scarlett) Lin
Sheng (Scarlett) Lin is a postgraduate student at the School of Foreign Language at the China University of Geosciences (CUG) in Wuhan, majoring in translation and interpreting. With a background of playing Tai Chi and the Chinese cucurbit flute, she is now serving as an assistant professor for AU Tai Chi group and CIAU cultural performances.

Lu (Lulu) LiuLu (Lulu) Liu
Lu (Lulu) Liu is a postgraduate student, majoring in translation and interpreting at the China University of Geosciences (CUG) in Wuhan. She has worked as a teacher at Wuhan Institute of Engineering in China. She also has experience in English interpreting and translating. She has strong interest in Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and traditional Chinese costumes. With creativity and enthusiasm, she will try her best to work at CIAU.

Zuxia (Joy) Song profile pictureZuxia (Joy) Song
Zuxia Song (Joy) received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Chongqing Three Gorges University and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from China West Normal University. She has worked as an English teacher for more than 10 years in Shuangliu Middle School. She likes reading and playing badminton and ping pang. She will do her utmost to be a professional Mandarin teacher as a member in the Confucius Institute at Alfred University.

Xiaochao (Natasha) TaoXiaochao (Natasha) Tao
Xiaochao (Natasha) Tao graduated from Jiangxi Normal University in 2000, majoring in teaching English. She obtained the degree of Master of Arts in Education Administration from Jiangxi Normal University in 2008. She has been teaching English in the middle school for 22 years. Every summer she joined in a training center of American classes in Nanchang, learn to teach English. Learning to be a professional teacher and researcher has been her aim. She has rich experience at being a head teacher. She is interested in Chinese literature and painting, and she will try her best to teach Mandarin and spread an appreciation for Chinese culture.

Na (Wanda) WangNa (Wanda) Wang
Na (Wanda) Wang is a teacher of high school English from Bozhou No. 1 High School, Anhui Province. She graduated from Anhui Normal University with a Master’s degree in English language teaching. She has been teaching English at different levels of schools for more than twenty years and has been awarded “High School Specially-honored English Teacher” and many other honors for her excellent performance in teaching and professional growth.

Ping (Kevin) WangPing (Kevin) Wang
Ping Wang is in his early thirties. Although quite young, he has been teaching Chinese in a high school for nine years. He has been working at No. 2 Middle School of Longxi since he graduated from Datong University in 2008. During his undergraduate study, his academic records were distinguished among the whole department. He was granted the First Class Prize every semester. As a teacher, he believes that interest is the best teacher, and he will try his best to raise the interest of the children in learning. He took part in the city high school language class quality competition and won first prize.

Yun (Katie) WangYun (Katie) Wang
Yun (Katie) Wang is an instructor from the School of Foreign Language of Liaoning Normal University. She received her degree from Northeast Normal University. She has been teaching English and Chinese for thirty years. She worked as a Chinese teacher for the Confucius Institute at Alfred University from 2011-2014.

Yang (Cherry) YangYang (Cherry) Yang
Yang (Cherry) Yang is a Chinese teacher, having graduated from Yunnan University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature. During university studies, she studied in Thailand at Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University as an exchange student for a month. After graduation, she joined the faculty of Baoshan No. 1 Middle School of Yunnan Province. She has three years of experience in teaching Chinese in the high school. With her great efforts and excellent feedback from students and parents, she got an award for excellent teaching quality from Baoshan No. 1 Middle School. Reading ten thousand books and traveling ten thousand miles is her pursuit. She tries not to become a person of success but rather to become a person of value.

Baike (Helen) ZhangBaike (Helen) Zhang
Baike (Helen) Zhang is an associate professor from the Foreign Languages School of Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology. She received her Master’s degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She has been teaching English for fifteen years. In 2016, she received The First Nobel in Education System Teaching Skills Competition (Foreign Language), and was awarded the Henan Teaching Model. Her research interests are English language and literature, cross-cultural communication, and standard Mandarin teaching.

Li (Lily) Zhang profile pictureLi (Lily) Zhang
Li (Lily) Zhang graduated from Lanzhou Jiaotong University in Gansu Province in 2006. Since then she has been teaching English at different levels of schools for 12 years. She taught college English in College of Technology and Engineering, LUT in 2006, then began teaching in Jingning No.1 High School in Gansu Province from 2007 to 2018. She is an experienced English teacher, winning many awards in teaching competitions. With enthusiasm, she will try her best to work for CIAU.

Yi (Joy) ZhangYi (Joy) Zhang
Yi (Joy) Zhang is a professional Chinese teacher. She earned her master’s degree in Chinese language and culture in 2004. Then, she became a Chinese teacher in Chengdu No. 7 Middle School, which is among the top ten most famous middle schools of China. She believes that as a teacher, professional quality should come first: a teacher with strong professional quality can instruct students more effectively and win students’ respect.

Zitong ZhangZitong Zhang
Zhang Zitong is a volunteer Chinese teacher working in the Confucius Institute at Alfred University. She was chosen as ‘Excellent Graduate Cadre’ during her time at the school. She loves debating and has participated in various debate competitions for many times as well as won the second place in the FLTRP National College English Debate Contest. She has also won the first prize of the Science and Technology Paper Report of China University of Geosciences in 2018. From May to June 2018, she participated in the volunteer training for Chinese teachers in the United States in Beijing Language and Culture University and obtained the qualification certificate for volunteer Chinese teachers.