The 7th International Conference on Chinese Immersion Programs


Confucius Institute at Alfred University presents the 7th International Conference on Chinese Immersion Programs, it will be held online on Nov. 10-11, 2023.

Key Information:
Conference Dates: November 10-11, 2023 (Eastern time)
Proposal Submission Deadline: Oct. 10, 2023
Results of Proposal Review Returned to Authors: Oct. 25, 2022
Conference Registration Fee: free
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ICCCIP 2023 7th ConferenceThe purpose of the conference is to create an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and administrators from all over the world to share research findings, instructional practices, and resources in immersion and dual language education. The 2023 conference theme is “The Future of Immersion Chinese Programs After the Pandemic: Cooperation and Development”.

The Conference Committee is calling for abstract proposals. Researchers, practitioners, and administrators are welcome to submit proposals to address topics about immersion and dual language education:

  • Bilingualism, biliteracy, biculturalism, and critical consciousness: strategies for using two languages to teach, ways to develop students’ biliteracy, integration of students’ heritage culture with the target culture, development of student critical reflection, motivation, and action, etc.
  • Teachers and teacher training: dual language teacher recruitment, teaching strategies for supporting dual language learners, professional development, etc.
  • Program development and community engagement: management of programs, collaborative dual language teacher teams, parent education, involvement of target language population, etc.
  • Research in dual language education and future trends: latest studies and findings, current and future trends, etc.
  • Technology and Innovations: Distant learning; online teaching; hybrid learning; use of technology tools in Chinese immersion instruction; application of innovative tools and approaches, etc.

Proposal Submission:

Proposals must be submitted online and include the following information:

  • A title (less than 15 words)
  • Contact information including your name, affiliation, and email
  • Abstract (250-500 words)
  • Key words (3-5 words)

Please submit your proposals via email.

Proposal Evaluation:

Proposals will be evaluated based on

  • Clear relevance to the topics of the conference
  • Importance and appropriateness of the proposals
  • Quality of the content in terms of coherence, organization, and prospects for a good presentation


If you have any questions about the conference or the submission/review of your proposal, please contact the Conference Assistant at email or call at 607-871-2762.

Proposal Example & Guideline:

Proposal Title
Russ Smith
University of Chicago

These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for the conference. Use this document as a template if you are using Microsoft Word. Otherwise, use this document as an instruction set. If it is a presentation about a study. Your abstract should include an introductory statement that outlines the background and significance of the study, the methodologies, as well as the major findings of the study. If it is not about a study. Your abstract should address the following questions: (1) What is your presentation about? (2) Why is it an important topic? (3) How does your presentation contribute to the conference or the field of Chinese dual language or immersion? Limit the word count to 250-500. Do not write your abstract in the first person. Do not cite any references, figures, or tables in the abstract. Please proofread your abstract for any grammatical errors, typos, and missing punctuation.


About 3-5 keywords or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.