About the Confucius Institute

“The Confucius Institute at Alfred University (CIAU) was established in 2008 with the support of the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban). It is part of an international network of Confucius Institutes dedicated to promoting the study of Chinese language, culture, ethics, and philosophy, and furthers the understanding of China today.

CIAU is affiliated directly under the Provost’s Office at Alfred University. It is an educational resource for teachers, parents, and students throughout western New York. In addition to being a full professional development and workshop center, CIAU has a resource library with more than 3,000 print and media materials for educators and students.”

To get more information, check http://youtu.be/6y_A25q-Rjw or http://ciau.us.chinesecio.com/

Upcoming Events

June 2nd - July 2nd: Join 2016 Chinese Painting Exhibition!

Date: June 2nd - July 2nd, 2016
Location: Steuben Trust Company, Hornell, NY
Cost: Free

Beginning in October 2015, Confucius Institute at Alfred University offered Chinese Painting class every Monday afternoon at the Wimodaughsian Library in Canisteo, NY. This year CIAU is honored to have local Chinese Painting artist Yan Fen Huang to teach the Class. Having learned gongbi, a “tidy”, often meticulous, realistic style in class last year, this time students learned xieyi, which is a free and liberal painting style of “sketching thoughts”.

During the class, students learned to paint different kinds of flowers, birds and animals. They had a great time on class every week and painted lots of great works so far. Every year, artworks created by students will be on display on this Chinese Painting exhibition sponsored by CIAU and Steuben Trust Company.

All are invited to attend our Chinese Painting Exhibition!

Tel: 607-871-2762
Email: ciau@alfred.edu



March 2: Visit from Chinese Consulate-General in New York City

March 2: Confucianism and Taoism Lecture at Alfred University

April 1: Guzheng Performance at “Alfred Around the World”

April 7: AU Bergren Forum: Sound of China - Guzheng

April 9: 15th Chinese Bridge Competition in New York City

April 9: Symposium to Promote Chinese Martial Arts held in Arizona

April 16: HSK Test

April 17: Guzheng Recital

April 19: Chinese calligraphy and painting lecture at Brockport Central School

April 22: Open House in Geneva

April 28 - 30: 2016 National Chinese Language Conference

April 30: Hot Dog Day Parade

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